Far Cry

Alternative names: Far Cry

Far Cry - a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter. Far Cry game pretty bright and eventful. As in any game of this genre of computer Your task is to stay alive. This, of course, except for the goals that should be achieved in the game. This game got unreal popularity within less than six months after the sale. Something unusual hiding in this game. Surely you already bursting with curiosity, and you have burned into the world of the game and download the game Far Cry.

Will give you advice and in no hurry to start to get acquainted with the game, at least superficially, with reviews of text and video reviews. And then you can easily download the game Far Cry. In Far Cry game play immediately after you start the download process.

The whole plot of the game tells you about the life of a former commando. Play Far Cry You'll it to them, the main hero of the game, it is no wonder he has experience in the military sphere. The game takes place on the beautiful expanse of tropical paradise islands in the Pacific Ocean Kabat. Your opponents will be the people involved in the development of the mutation of the virus. You meet on the road already infected primates.

Including your character to help you and you in the barrier, ie, enemies will be those characters:

• Jack Carver;

• Valerie Constantine;

• Doyle;

• Colonel Richard Crowe;

• Dr. Krieger.

Jack Carver - actually your character. Owner rental company waterway. Involved in the mission already arriving on the island.

Valerie Constantine - CIA agent undercover. Jack asks for help in the fulfillment of its mission. After the plan is revealed violations Jack.

Doyle - engineer, undercover. Sent to clarify the situation on the island. Jack killed.

Colonel Richard Crowe - a mercenary, head for the protection of the island.

Dr. Krieger - the main enemy in the game. Master of all laboratories on the island to develop special materials.

Perform each Far Cry mission is of the greatest importance for the further development of events. Also, all this is due to the levels of passages. Everything, as usual, begins with a training mode. Developer offers you a choice of several ways to achieve the goal of the game.

For all these adventures, your hero, of course, can not survive without weapons. That weapon Far Cry presented, may not be a colossal variety, but the most necessary.

And always with your Jack Carver there is equipping items: binoculars, flashlight, night vision, set explosives, first aid kit, body armor, access cards and communicator.

Game Far Cry using expressive and clear graphics will involve you in the world of travel so amazing paradise on Earth. More and music, well-chosen supporting the overall situation underlines the point. All around real and want to enjoy, but your mission will not give you rest. We must hurry. Hurry and you, because everyone is waiting for your help. Do not forget to consult the game Far Cry his comrades. Everyone should feel themselves as heroes.

Good you play! Thank you for your attention!


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