Far Cry Primal

Alternative names: Far Cree Primal

Game Far Cry Primal in the Mesolithic Age.

Fanatov series of shooters was waiting for a real surprise when Ubisoft Montreal presented its new project from the Far Cry series. The single-player game Far Cry Primal in the genre of adventure action movie decided to send gamers to the Stone Age, equipping them with truncheons, axes, and forcing them to survive in the wild.

It is already known that Far Cry Primal download for One Xbox and PlayStation 4 will probably be 23. 02. 2016, and March 1 on Windows. The product will be released in collectible and electronic publications, and if in the first case the game includes physical goods, in the second the players will receive additional weapons and missions.

In the world of wild animals.

A man does not get used to fighting enemies. This ability he carries in itself since the Stone Age, when there was no firearms, equipment and goods that help survive after injuries and illnesses. Primitive man could only rely on his own strength, cunning, agility, speed and accuracy.

People are also animals, but more defenseless in their pristine form. They have no sharp claws and strong fangs, they are inferior to animals in speed and strength, but have another advantage of the mind. Stones and wood turn into weapons, replacing the missing attributes of anatomy.

Playing on behalf of Takkar the only survivor of the tribe, you will make:

  • Hands
  • Stakes
  • Dubber
  • Law

Even stones that can be thrown into animals or hostile representatives of other tribes are welcomed.

Geroy wants to avenge the murder of the family and find a new place in such a cruel world. Left alone, he at first relies only on himself, but then learns how to tame fierce predators, and they help him in skirmishes. Who would have thought that saber-toothed tigers, bears and wolves would side with a man, but that's so, and now the mammoth hunting is becoming more successful. A large carcass gives not only plenty of meat in a warm skin, it's easier to keep warm, and bones can be used with advantage. And if you tame an owl, she will be an excellent scout, examining a vast territory in flight.

Prehistoric people and modern not very different are friendly nations and aggressive. Takkar will meet representatives of both sides in Oros, and if some will learn new knowledge, others will force him to engage in battles, but in them he will become stronger and more experienced, which will help him cope with the situation.

The lead character has two missions: the daily survival in the face of constant danger, and the global become the leader of the whole Oros. In both cases, you should always be on your guard and move towards the goal, mastering new skills.

    Features of the game.

  • Manufacture of tools
  • Create weapons
  • Hunting, getting food
  • Fire to keep warm
  • Use available materials with a good
  • Develop your tribe by making it invincible
  • Prove that you can be the most dangerous predator in the district and a competent leader

Alongside the main campaign, the authors created an addition in the form of three unique missions of the Legend of the Mammoth. Download Far Cry Primal with the addition will be able to players who have made it pre-order.

V Far Cry Primal on PC revives the ancient world with a unique nature, wildlife and people who were its integral part. This is a unique chance to undergo rigorous tests with dignity, using available means.

  • Be cautious the blood of a slain on an animal hunt will attract predators.
  • The ability to use fire will give you an advantage over other tribes.
  • The loss of one of the tamed pets can be replenished if you find and apply a certain object, it can be resurrected.

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