Farm Frenzy Free

Alternative names: Farm Frenzy

The very game Fun Farm Free.

Certainly you know Fun Farm Free since the times when it could only be played on a computer. Now it has become available for Android, and you can easily recognize it on the unchanged schedule and mode of management. The toy is really funny, lifting the mood and making you forget about time. Represents her company HeroCraft Ltd, offering a Merry Farm download absolutely free. Now you do not have to miss your ranch, because it is always with you.

At any time, you can start the toy in the phone, and continue from the same place where you stayed the last time. Also there was an opportunity to download the Farm Frenzy Free on the computer, so all the conditions for a pleasant game are recreated.

Features of the game.

To make your leisure fun, the developers have tried to make the product memorable. Waiting for you:

  • General 72 fascinating levellers
  • More than 30 useful buildings
  • Child of cute animals
  • Diversity of products
  • Ability to play in endless mode
  • Bonuses for VIP players

It's worth saying that the game Farm Frenzy Free offers the option to play for a while or choose an infinite mode. In the first case, you have to adhere to the set conditions to pass the current level and get to the next. The second option involves a more relaxing game, but it will become available when the first 24 stages are left behind in the classical mode.

Start to play.

If you are first introduced to this product, it will be useful to find out what the Merry Farm game offers.

Unlike other toys of the same genre, everything looks compact and everything is at hand. Around the lawn, on which animals graze, there are different structures. You see them at the same time, and you can easily follow the processes that require your intervention.

Sometimes you have to act quickly to not miss anything. Sow the grass, so that it is enough for the increasing number of birds and cattle, collect the eggs smoked by the hens, until they are gone. The scale of needs will show whether the inhabitants of the farm are tormenting thirst. But keep in mind that you sow weed or water them, you have to pay for everything. If you do not have enough money, there will quickly be a shortage in all directions. To prevent this, load from the warehouse in the trailer produced products, and send it to the market. When it sells, you will have a foreign exchange account.

In the beginning, you can sell only eggs, but when factories and plants appear, the variety of products will become much larger, and they are more expensive. For example, sheep give wool, and it can be turned into yarn. Cow milk is beaten into butter, and the grain is ground into flour. One day you will be able to build a bakery, and you will produce bread and cakes. If you sell oil more profitable than just milk, then cakes will bring even more profit than oil.

Farm Frenzy Free is also capable of tickling nerves. Pets are periodically attacked by bears, but so that they do not damage them, click on them several times, and they will be in the cage. Now it can be loaded into a trailer and also sold at the market. If you too long to leave a clumsy on the court, over time he will shake the cage and get out to again be disgraceful. Although the toy is free, it has paid content. For example, for real money you can buy a cat, which instead of you will harvest the products, and the dog, so that he drives away the bears. When playing with such assistants, bonuses will soon appear, and you will be able to buy more animals for your farm.


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