Paradise Farm: Lucky Island

Alternative names: Farm Island: Hay Bay City Paradise

Game Paradise Farm: The Island of Luck will help to relax.

With confidence, we can say that the developer foranj released a really great game Paradise Farm: Luck Island. It will appeal not only to children, but to adult players. Being in it, as if you really find yourself in an expensive resort where you can eat exotic fruits, enjoying the amazing nature of the tropical island.

Rai Farm: Luck Island can be downloaded for free, which is already nice. Next, the players are met by a talking parrot macaw. He will be your guide to local beauties, helping to get comfortable with the menu and the principle of the game. It's very simple, and you will easily remember the lesson, so that you can soon take over the management of your household. With him you will learn how to properly feed the chickens, sow and collect wheat, and what you need to build a plant for the production of feed. In addition, there is a possibility to download Paradise Farm: Island of Fortune on a computer, if so it is more convenient for you to play.

The main features of the presented fun.

As for general characteristics, this is:

Growing of crops
  • Sale of goods in the store, taking them there by airplane or steamer
  • Foundations of the own zoo
  • Built to order
  • guesthouse
  • Expatching expeditions for the study of new lands
  • As you can see, the game Paradise Farm: The Island of Luck has prepared a lot of fascinating.

    • Interested in a wide range of players, starting children from 3 years
    • Beautiful sound design
    • Coloring 3D graphics
    • Ability to make purchases for real money

    K The following areas belong to the game area:

      If you consider that the main game is periodically supplemented by planned updates, there will be no shortage of fascinating tasks. The idea of ​​creating a farm on a tropical island has become very successful. Participants like to collect rich harvests of coconuts, bananas, pineapples, mangoes and other overseas fruits. No less interesting are the pets of the zoo: pandas, lions, colorful parrots, pelicans and even anteater. For each one you need your aviary and house, wherever he could hide for sleep.

      They need food, and Paradise Farm: Lucky Island game took care that you have a choice of a variety of cultures, structures and mechanisms that produce enough feed. Experienced players know that business is not limited to the construction of a certain building. Later it will have to be improved to increase its productivity, and if this warehouse has more space for storing tools, raw materials and finished products.

      Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay is built in such a way that it is not advantageous for you to remain detached from the rest of the players. Success comes to those who actively communicate. Sometimes you will have to help new friends, and sometimes ask for help from them. Trade is also an important part of the game process, because others can buy something that is sorely lacking, and at the same time sell their own surplus goods. Once you become cramped in a designated area, because so much more needs to be built, but there is no place. If you managed to save enough money, send an expedition to the jungle to find new suitable land. Who knows what the brave travelers will find in the bush? Perhaps they will be able to find a rare artifact that will help you advance in the game and give an advantage over others.

      But this will become available only in time, but everything starts with simple tasks. Increasing the complexity and speed of the action is gradual, and the icons above the zones show what needs to be done. These graphic images are quite understandable, so there should not be any difficulties.


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