Alternative names: Firefall

Firefall - multiplayer game from the first and third person. Firefall game in the genre of science fiction and it's no options. Earth existed in peace and harmony until it flew near the meteorite. And not simple, and fire. And it has led to such a piece of country effects. Nonhumans reign on earth, and in the likeness of men suits robots. Play the game Firefall pretty exciting.

As in any gameplay You need to place your character in the game. Firefall registration is pretty standard here, and only enough

  • Provide an email address;
  • Create a password.

And you're ready to battle and fantastic journey. As usual, for beginners, it all starts with the creation and choice of hero. they are all pretty similar, distinguishes them only belong to one of the classes:

  • Engineer;
  • Attack;
  • Biotech;
  • Scout;
  • Dreadnought.

Engineer - strong in any situation because it has a good device and mechanisms.

Assault - like a normal person for the infantry, fast and strong.

Biotech - designed for combat support, always with biotechnology, while fighting.

Scout - good in their field, is far from ready to break the enemy.

Dreadnought - resistant to all kinds of tests, always with a machine gun, that would destroy the enemy.

This function may change during the game, but rather to change battlfreymov - costume.

The game will only be able to play Firefall real strategist and craftsman manages such machines, like robots. You are fighting for the remains of normal civilization, because all it was still not come back.

What would you survive on your planet is constantly supplied an item such as Christie. But you were worried that the supply can stop have decided to bring their own. But in the latter created the ship and its collapse led to a breach in the Earth system, and the beginning of another mutation.

The world is always full of enemies, but here, all living beings, became aggressive, violent. They have a custom appearance, ready to defend and attack. Rather, even just to attack.

As the game Firefall online, it connects to a fan base not only lying to us closer countries, but also the most remote. You can also call your mates and happily so their fantasy. Join a team and be ready to help each other.

Game Firefall please its players quality graphics. It is pretty bright and colorful. Monsters, as if specially look brighter and immediately apparent. Do not go unnoticed. Especially in the gameplay there is no musical accompaniment. Perhaps that would be better to be heard breathing opponents, and the sound of shooting in your answer. But you can safely listen to your music.

Game Firefall Free provides an opportunity not only to play but also in the process of doing something game features and changes, either that or preobretat.


In general, then, you already knew that they were ready to start playing. Proceed to registration, do not let them win. Successful you play!


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