Alternative names: Legends Football

Playing football legends to create a star.

Football game of millions, every fan would like to once in your life to be on the turf of the stadium as a player who commits a decisive blow to the goal. Shouts goal, the roar of the stadium, the joy of victory, this dream could be fulfilled in the virtual world of the game Football Legend. Only in this new game, anyone can enter the field as a player, becoming one of the team and feel the taste of victory.

Unlike other games of football, this game provides the ability to manage only one single player during the match, rather than the whole team. Here in the foreground skills each of the ten athletes, sitting in front of your monitor, and coordinated work of all the team members. Error one can win all cost, as in real life.

Football Legends game in which there is an opportunity to invite real friends to play football, because to face in the stadium and to play football on the grass is not always possible, but at home, after a long working day, to come to the gym with his friends, it is a real holiday . When the team is ready to fight for the title, players can create their own football club and take part in the world championship among the many teams, and how to know to become a true champion.



ready to play Football Legend.

In order to join the exciting world of football Football Legend download the client program is necessary. The order simple, you first need to register, then install the program and start creating your own soccer star.

Developers offer players a great editor appearance is the calling card of the game. Footballers can set a unique appearance:

  • facial features, up to complete a portrait resemblance to the real person;
  • Rost;
  • Teloslozhenie;
  • Bazovuyu form, protection and personal style.

Create your own football legend, players can immediately go on the field for workouts. In this mode, there are no other players, only goalkeeper who manages the artificial intelligence, by the way, only the goalkeeper robot in any mode, the other players on the field, the real people. In training mode it is possible to master blows from all over the playing field, dribbling, all kinds of passes, various feints.

regimes in the game a lot, not only to play and exercise. The player can create his own team of friends, or join an existing one, to create your own club, participate in tournaments or perform tasks that appear in the game every day.

After each of the game character gets a certain amount of game money and experience. The accumulation of both allows us to develop a football player, getting titles to increase his speed, endurance and other physical characteristics. The game has an opportunity to buy the player sports equipment, which also affects the quality of his game.

Good team play requires coordinated work of all the athletes, so you can take part in friendly matches, practicing collective game and place on the field each participant. Players have the ability to create multiple players and select a character immediately before the start of the game. It also supports the exchange and sale of players.

Football Legends game is very entertaining, it is stunningly beautiful graphics, which transmits every detail of what is happening on the field. The fans in the stadium and commentators react to what is happening, that gives a sense of reality. All games can be stored and viewed.


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