Alternative names: Fortune
Fortune game is free, browser-based, MMO real-time strategy. There is quite a well-established combat system. All her actions occur during the Middle Ages in Europe, which is very much affected by the political struggle, bloody wars and various intrigues. The main goal of each player will be to develop a strong empire and create a powerful army that will stand guard over your kingdom. Space allocated to you at the beginning of the game is quite small, so you need to make a rational and functional building site. But do not forget that the larger the building, the longer it will be built. In addition, you will develop and create trade routes, track political relations, in order to keep abreast of the latest developments. Know and anticipate where to wait for help in difficult times, and where they can attack. Become a weighty part of one of the three houses of the nobility, who fight for power. It is worth noting that the game has a diplomatic component, making it possible to unite in unions that will benefit both parties. Fortuna game impresses with its spectacle, which only cost jousting battles, you can watch them for a long time and great pleasure. Start playing Fortuna quite simply, this is only necessary to make a recording that will not take much time for this will only need to visit the official website of the game. Where you will be asked to go through the following steps: 1. Give us your e-mail address; 2. Specify the username; 3. Enter the password; 4. Repeat the password; 5. Establish a tick in the box "I accept the Terms"; 6. Fortuna press registration. Fortuna important part of the game online is to develop its economy, and because without it you can not be an army, and the ring is not it, and do not appear in your additional living space. Without a developed economy will not force you, namely more than twenty types of units from light hiking to heavy cavalry and, of course, combat vehicles. At the battlefield thousands of fighters represented by small detachments of ten people. It is important to note that before the battle you have the ability to add, diminish, arrange and rearrange, and as soon as the fight starts will only opportunity to watch everything happening. Troops go into battle, crash into each other, waving their arms, and win those who will be more people and thus higher the skill of warfare. Inherent skills in battles, curiously, this great generals of history, such individuals such as Christopher Columbus, Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart, and that's not all! Believe me, you like not only directly Fortuna play but also watch all the fascinating process. Implement his plan, develop and upgrade your village into a strong and mighty empire. Defeat in battle and watch as your city grows on the eyes and produces all captures large areas. Start making history Fortuna Online Now!

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