From Dust

Alternative names: From Dust

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2. 0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 +


Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 4 GB

From Dust - a strategy game in real time with some arcade controls. From the outset, we will feel a little idol, which believes in a small group of dark-skinned natives. Passage of game From Dust will always be accompanied by screenings of most Indian rituals held in your honor. As soon as you hear the familiar tunes, you will see a dozen poor natives, you know - they need your help, your support and the support, because they believe in you, trust you implicitly.

High objective

From Dust, which play a very interesting and exciting, tell us about the great goal smuglokozhih natives who need to find and explore the legacy of ancestors left behind throughout the game world. Here and secret skills that let you control the forces of nature and important information about the world. In search of that heritage, you along with their wards will learn dozens of separate islands, where you actually have to show what a real God.


All walkthrough From Dust will be filled with demonstrations of force deity, where we will change the terrain, let the rivers back, plant trees and gardens of the desert and drain swamps. However, the impact on our children, we, alas, we can not. The only thing we can do is let them know that the path to the nearest altar where the next message is ancient, locked and have to wait. It is these altars and portals that can send us to another island and is the main purpose of each of the game's levels. Total at each level are four such altars and one pass to the next level. Access to them is closed and you have to make all his divine prowess to hold their loyal natives to the next message. Change the game world will be possible with a small cursor located at the center of the screen. If we want to make an oasis, the desert is enough to pour water if necessary to make the lake, then with sand seal out of the bay, and so etc. Home and the main problem, do habitable area around the altars totems and open the way to the next.

Elemental Power

Originally From Dust, play that would not be very difficult to not be put before the player serious problems. But with the development of the plot, the forces of natural elements will slip more serious tests, and the latter-day deity have to sweat seriously. Strong water currents are easily spread light sand dams and unfriendly flora will deliver a serious inconvenience. Fire will ignite trees all around, blasting and water will burst from heat and all these specific features must be used. Wild bombs will be a perfect tool for laying passes in the rocks. Along the way, will have to look closely and their wards, to break their settlement near one of the altars. Their small settlement is just a magnet for natural disasters and you as their patron deity and should be timely to look for ways to protect them. After the lost village will be a failure of your mission.


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