Football without rules

Alternative names: Football without rules

Football without rules - computer simulation game. More precisely domestic football simulator, called, in translation, Urban Freestyle Soccer. Football game without rules published in 2004, for the fans of free football. If you like to play football with my friends in the yard, then this is for you, but here in the virtual world. But all too real enough to the details. The game does not become over many years multiplayer yet acquired their fans a certain range.

Game Urban Freestyle Soccer does not require a greater effort. H is still a bit familiar with the gameplay before the game is worth. Visit where you view a video review of the game, and then on the same site and can download Football without rules. And, of course, read this review submitted.

Download Football game without rules, may not have much more complicated than the gameplay itself.

It all really what is happening on American streets and byways where to play the so-called football. In a game with no rules to play football you'll face on the character, which in itself. The team created a campaign, present at the playground. The entire game takes place without any special rules. The main and the only rule is valid goal - scored when the keeper.

Profit, not strange, or beer, or just your knowledge that you have won. Nice and easy.

Around you regular, standard American marketplace, somewhere in the yard. Underfoot, of course, not the lawn and just land with pits occurring. Gates represent a something similar to them. Walls can be painted with graffiti. And ordinary people around you, listen to rap fans and drink beer. Every player can perform various tricks with the ball in exchange for a certain amount of points.

The game also has a number of features that I want to highlight:

• tradition;

• Team;

• setting;

• ball;

• commentator;

• workout.

Traditions - a subset of the urban traditions of the game of football.

Teams - each team has its own features and specific qualities.

Decor - super realistic, matching the real streets, yards, sites.

Ball - from Adidas, which has been involved in the World Cup in Korea and Japan.

Commentator - it nonstandard expressions.

Workouts - mode to explore the intricacies of the game.

All together eventually gets pretty exciting toy. With no special gameplay, but thorough action simplicity without rules.

As for the graphics in the game Urban Freestyle Soccer, it is at an excellent level. Great picture of the game and all the characters, but all around is not clarity. Movement of players in the best way, especially when performing complex stunts knocking the ball. Music, no doubt, a kind - rap. That kind of music fans gather on the field.

Strange feeling when the game has no rules. Play and relax, but to begin with haste Urban Freestyle Soccer game download site.

Good game! Thank you for your attention!


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