Alternative names: Gauntlet
New game Gauntlet - a remake of the good old project. Experienced gamers with this game should be very familiar. The first edition of the project came in 1985. The game was unusual and interesting for its time. Modern gamers, of course, would have criticized its length and breadth, expressing his dissatisfaction with rustic plot, sparse graphics and other elements. And no one would even never occurred that Gauntlet - the first project, which allowed players to move around the company area, studying the dungeons and fight monsters. Despite all the imperfections of the project, to play it was very interesting. Due to this and there was Gauntlet online. The new game, of course, made in the best traditions of the genre. So that the players just do not find fault with what was. Change the principle of the gameplay the developers did not, but all the surrounding elements have been significantly improved. As in the prototype of the game, Gauntlet online gamers will be able to choose one of several available characters: Magician named Merlin - magician from God, as they say. Still, the game's creators work on Magica manifested itself. Merlin able to apply up to 9 unique spells on the enemy. The warrior Thor - born killer. Rushing on the enemy with a running start, he manages every enemy to cause maximum damage. Thira - Valkyrie. This character has its own magic shield that can not only protect, but also to kill. Will be surprised when you see how Thira throws shield like a boomerang. Finally, Questor the elf - Tags archers. Among other things, Questor throws traps and such an unusual way to hunt for the enemy. To modern gamers to play Gauntlet was the most interesting, the developers added the quest role system. That is, the character doing a specific plan for the collection of certain points or bonuses, thereafter, may receive from them more useful. What is true, some players think that bonuses project provides enough, but nobody promised it would be easy! To begin gameplay in Gauntlet need to register in Steam. Here you can buy and download the game client for the project. Due to the fact that the interface of the project is fully translated into Russian, problems with the registration should arise. By following the link "Create Account", you will see on the screen a registration form. In accordance with the instructions of the system fill in the form with your login, password and e-mail address (the confirmation, where required). Install the client Steam. Now, after buying the game can begin to get acquainted with the project. It is likely that soon everyone will be able to play for free Gauntlet, but in the meantime the game client downloaded only after the payment (rather symbolic, in principle). Gameplay of the project has been slightly modified, of course, the better. Now, instead of aimlessly through the maze of fermentation caves, gamers will have to perform several large missions, each of which is divided into three stages: Initially, the player will have to explore dungeons, collecting gold. In the second stage will be meeting with the monster Death. There is an alternative plan for the development of events: the character will wade into the underground in total darkness. In the third stage in the Gauntlet will need to play, fighting off several waves of enemies. As you can see, there is no time to be bored. Trails are filled with traps and bonuses. Keep in mind that some sections of the route of the human eye are hidden, they need to find their own. This makes the gameplay even more interesting.

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