Ghost Recon Tom Slantsys: Vildlands

Alternative names: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wild Lands

game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands: a real war.

According to the developer Ubisoft Paris, the game Ghost Recon Wildlands is the first product of the military in a huge open world. Its release date is still unknown, but some information was presented at the festival E3. So this action with the possibility of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands download platforms:

  • PS4
  • XONE
  • PC


Igroki can be grouped in fours and fulfill the mission, each team develops a process in its own direction, coordinating moves voice communication.



gamers waiting for landing in Bolivia, and one gets to destination in different ways: by car, motorcycle, helicopter and even jumping with a parachute. In the story, Bolivia has become the main base of drug dealers and drug cartel run by all of Santa Blanca. This has led to disastrous results – region controlled by the underworld, and the government increasingly difficult to keep control. US in a panic, because the drugs are sprawled all over the world, becoming a serious threat. In order to eliminate the mafia base and restore order in Bolivia send an elite team of"ghosts".

brute force to rectify the situation does not come out. We need a thought-out plan and the ability to adjust the action to the situation. It is these guys are in the unit, designed to bring chaos and confusion in the ranks of the criminal syndicate, and then completely disable it.

heroes have to meet with dangerous serious enemy who does not hesitate to have arisen obstacles, and not very scrupulous in choosing penalties revealing enemy agents. Setting squad delivered a complex, but he has behind him the experience and support of the government.



The gameplay and game features.

Waiting for the time to download Ghost Recon Wildlands, players to watch the news and that comes from official sources, it can not but rejoice.

The game features 9 different areas with different conditions: mountains, rivers, deserts and others. Adds realistic change of day and the weather is changeable and can be used during missions – if the day is easier to track and watch the night becomes the perfect hiding place.

Weapons heroes, too, abound, and the technique is able to overcome the difficult parts of the sticky mud to the shifting sands. Since the events unfolding in the world today, the basis of a real arsenal of the army, though there are features, such as drones. These mechanical assistants to hit targets and enemies, as well as an effective attack.

The missions Ghost Recon Wildlands to PC players choose a way to accomplish the mission: to get close to the enemy unnoticed, or to use the funds for long-range and short-range attacks. You can go ahead, counting on the surprise effect and conduct a preliminary investigation and to gather more data, and after the task you can go to explore the world and grab a couple of outposts.

In Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wild Lands can communicate with the NPC (the rebels, politicians, ordinary citizens), building friendly relations with them or sending to the rank of enemies. It is necessary to treat them seriously, because they are able to influence your future plans.

Typing game points, you improve your hero, and you can pick up from defeated enemies of their weapons and useful things.

In summary, once again go through the features of the game:

  • Bolshoy outdoor mir
  • Komandnaya game 4 h
  • Vozmozhnost act one on the third computer naparnikami
  • Polnaya freedom deystviy
  • Alternativnye scenario sobytiy
  • Postoyannoe improving navykov

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