Goodgame Galaxy

Alternative names: Galaxy

Game Goodgame Galaxy - free browser based multiplayer strategy. It is a space simulation, through which you become the commander of the new virtual space station. Goodgame Galaxy registration takes you far into outer space, where you can feel the embodiment of his childhood dreams, because now you are a real astronaut! But managing own station - it's not all that exciting offers fantastic game Galaxy. If you manage to create a solid foundation, with time you will be able to conquer the galaxy and feel here a full master!

To be able to play in the Galaxy, you only need a computer with an extension of average configuration Display 800 × 600 pixels, Internet access and a modern browser. Join in the game Galaxy takes very little time. You need to enter an email address, create a password and click "Play for free". By creating an account, you hereby accept the terms of the agreement. Galaxy game is now available to you!

At the start, you will meet a personal assistant, who will tell where to begin. First time on your base it is set, so you can safely grow without fear of attack. You are given a certain time to build a residential unit, and where you can place the population. Open the "Construction" You can easily put a residential unit in the right place. Now go to Missy, which is to gather people. After all, you yourself will not be able to perform different operations, and have success in the upcoming conquest. You then build a nuclear reactor. His energy is needed to run the important life-support functions throughout your possessions. Now that you've laid the foundation for the space station, time to get to build a research center. Because in this way you will unlock new achievements of science and technology. And now comes the time to explore futuristic technologies. Why not start, for example, with a laser gun first level? Then go and plasma gun, and EMP emitter and railgun gun and ion beamer. All this increases the vulnerability of your database, and you feel more confident.

Since Goodgame Galaxy play through the levels you will, over time, the possibilities are broader than initially. Reaching the third level, you can already build a factory for the production of ships, which will then be used in the attacks. Manufacturing ships to be yourself. And better to be diligent - this depends so much on! When ships are ready, you are the head of his fleet will attack. That's where the fun begins! Open the sector map and attack the enemy base first. Take at least Goroksov. Why not bring them among chickie?

It is worth mentioning that during the execution of each mission relies certain reward. Doing one job, you take the position and again embark on a new job. By establishing your base and expanding it from the resources of the galaxy, you can think about to acquire good comrades. Availability allies significantly strengthen your position in the world of Goodgame Galaxy online. Together you will certainly be able to implement their plans and rule the galaxy!

As you play the game Galaxy, taking part in the battle, you will have a great opportunity to showcase their tactics. What will meticulously plan your moves, the more impressionable will result. Go for it! Everything is in your hands!

Dear adventurous, colorful, rich, dynamic project Goodgame Galaxy a long time the most pleasant experience! Try it out on their own experience! Let success accompanies all your undertakings! Enjoy! Enjoy!


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