Grand Fantasia

Alternative names: Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia online - free multiplayer MMORPG game, to combine the fantasy and anime styles simultaneously. Game developers - Aeria Games. The creators did not disregard any even the petty detail of gameplay. Project balanced, perfectly designed, vivid and memorable. All you will do here, bring indescribable pleasure! Game Grand Fantasia - this battle against each other, and massive battles, and trade useful items, and raise pets, and the destruction of the evil bosses, and dangerous journeys in the dungeons, and the study of colorful locations gaming spaces. Even monument player himself able to raise up, not to mention such trifles as installing boards. Your possibilities are almost endless! Starting way ordinary rookie, you do not just pass the path along which was followed by many others before you, but also roll up into the path of his destiny. After reaching a certain level of development, you can personalize your character! Everyone has the right to be unique, special and respected by other inmates!

Because online game Grand Fantasia is a client, you must install it on your computer. Join in the game Grand Fantasia will allow the client to start downloading. By creating an account, enter an email address, create a password and enter your date of birth. By registering indicates your full acceptance of the rules of the project. Pressing this button, you open the door to discover a whole new world of breathtaking! Grand Fantasia check - a kind of residence in this world. Now you have become a resident of the fabulous land legally! However, you should not forget that a good running game needed as minimum system requirements:

- Operating system Windows ( R ) 98 / XP / 2000 / Vista ;

- 2 processor. 4 GHz Intel Pentium 4;

- Free space on your hard drive 2 GB;

- Video nVidia GeForce FX 5200 or ATI Radeon 9600

- Sound compatible with DirectX 9. 0c;

- RAM 512 MB;

- Online 56 kbps Modem or DSL / Cable.

Only if the PC has the required configuration, you will be able to fully enjoy the game play there without any glitches.

Anyone who has bestowed on a fantasy universe, will play in Grand Fantasia of Siwa Island simple novice. On this island you are comfortable, as well as acquire the necessary knowledge. And just as we move forward you open yourself to the possibility to opt for one of the classes. You can become a fighter, and is renowned for its strength but the courage to be the Huntsman, to cope with the great combat missions from long distances, choose the path of Singer's and be able to engage in healing need or become a charmer and possess the strongest magic spells. Each class has its special skills and predestined path of development. But he branched enough, so the choice is always yours. For example, with 15 level caster is already becoming the Magician, and reaching level 30, choose between the path of the Master or Necromancer. Once characters reach level 65, they can only cultivate, and their development proceeds in an individual way.

For different characters and different weapons available. But still deadly objects have the following functional purpose: firearms and weapons support, and inflicts damage. In addition, there is a one-handed weapon, and dvoruchnoe for right or left hand. Good equipment - the success in battle! Take the time to take care of her!

But the weapons and armor are not the only things with which will Grand Fantasia play. There are many useful items that you can either find or buy. These are the elements needed for a quest, general and special items. By the way, purchases can be made at the NPC, who are the owners of shops. Trade in the game at all well-developed and you can even make deals with real players.

A notable fact in Grand Fantasia online have pets that accompany you anytime, anywhere. Matter how you educate them, that depends on the returns that can be obtained from them. These animals are not only used as a transport driving, but also help to collect valuable resources. Devotional you besides being able to develop and sooner or later comes to the line of evolution. It's nice that you can eventually get a few sprites and your life much simpler!

Play game Grand Fantasia online can be as you personally like! After all, there are quests for a single pass, tasks that require a team effort, as well as orders that will be on the teeth only guilds. Become a member of the guild - mean to discover additional opportunities. Thus, you can participate in the grand mass battles that lone place can not be. Decide for yourself!

Hurry join amusing community and enjoy all the pluses exciting project! Disappointment is not threatened, get ready for a solid pleasant surprises! Good luck! Let the smile never left your face!


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