GTA: Episodes from Liberty City

Alternative names: GTA: Episodes from Liberty City

The entire line of games GTA - a collection of legendary and successful projects that can captivate once and for all. Every year the number of new fans of the game grows several times - upgrades and extensions of the project are waiting for several million people around the globe. GTA EFLC pc - a welcome gift to gamers. This game differs thoroughness, and equate it to a number of projects in which from one version to change the basic elements, just do not dare.

This project - a full two games. The only thing that detracts from their independence - low duration. Storylines Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is closely intertwined with the original, but the developers have managed to create a unique and unique new game events. Even the fact that both the "subversion" of the project take place on open spaces of the same city, does not spoil the overall impression of the game. The creators of the next episode of GTA managed to do the impossible: to create two completely dissimilar games. Immediately after the start of gameplay gamer can feel the difference of atmospheric and anturazhnye.

By the way, about the beginning of the game, as well as before, before you can try your luck in the project will need to download GTA 4: EFLC. The installation process will take between 15-20 minutes strength, if you flee for help when downloading torrent trackers. Going into the game, you will immediately understand what are the main features of the project. Part of The Lost and Damned slightly open to you the secrets of the life of ordinary street motorcycle gang, whose members are not subject to generally accepted norms and laws - they have their own vision of life. And The Ballad of Gay Tony - rich history, showing the glamorous parties and expensive cars, luxury ladies ... and the same relation to the rules and laws, as in The Lost and Damned.

GTA EFLC - a game that tells the story of the modern world, where money is a symbol of power. Major changes in the project so far is not, however, all this is compensated by great gameplay and cool graphics. In order to make it easier for you to "basic training", be forewarned that in this game plot is not particularly affect the gameplay - it is needed here anymore to create the proper atmosphere.

In GTA EFLC play will appeal to all fans of the project, without exception, which, to be frank, the plot-that do not really need, the main thing - to destroy all opponents. But a completely different game strategies fascinate long. For example, in the "biker saga" you do not have to gain prestige associates, because all members of the motorcycling fraternity have long ceased to be just friends, family - so they are likely to be characterized. But The Ballad of Tony will take a completely different, false and unjust world, where almost all the issues necessary to solve with his fists. In removed to GTA EFLC video trailer shown all the main advantages of the project. From it you will learn about the new mini-goals and quests. Intrigued?


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