Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Alternative names: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is another project of the video game series Grand Theft Auto. In the line of the main game, it is the fifth. Computer version appeared in 2005. But before she reached the Russian gamer only in 2010. As in all previous versions of this series, all the action takes place around a single character. But, unlike previous games, here the player can change their character not only through clothing, but also to change the constitution. For example, a major player who has the nickname CJ, can attend a gym, improve stamina and punching power.

In order to play you need to download GTA: San Andreas. Then install on your computer and enjoy the game. Action plan unfold in 1992, when the metropolitan areas of California crime flourishes. CJ, he's Carl Jones - African American 25 years - returns to Los Santos (a city that is set in the fictional state of San Andreas), after five years spent in Liberty City. In the city he returns because of the funeral of his mother. The mother died at the hands of a local gang. After the funeral, he returns home, but on the way he meets a policeman. The protagonist's death is credited members warring factions, and forced to work on the "not clean" police.

During GTA: SA game gamer will be able not only to walk, run and move around by car, but also to take advantage of the bike. In addition, the ride quality will depend on the personal characteristics of the character, such as endurance.

After returning home, CJ meets childhood friend who dedicates it to all the subtleties of the underworld, which is happening at the moment in this city. It is worth noting that GTA: San Andreas, you can not only play on the computer, but also on the Xbox and PlayStation. But many still recommend it computer version, as it will be much easier to use all the features of the game.

By creating a huge game world, the developers have managed to increase the number of interesting stories and styles, compared with the previous games lineup. So, the game GTA: San Andreas was able to provide a greater number of different street characters that can interact not only among themselves but also with Karl. Some of the characters necessarily appear only at certain locations. Moreover, in every part of the city there are unique characters. One of those games is the confrontation of various criminal gangs who are constantly fighting for their impact on a particular area of ​​the city.

It should also be noted that the plot of the game was created not only employees of the developer, but also professional writers. For example, there may be and betrayal, love and disappointment. In order to feel more strongly scenario, experts recommend that you first look video GTA: San Andreas, and only then start the game.


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