Alternative names: Ereality

New Faces Reality unmatched game differs from all other online projects for its uniqueness. According to all those who have already had a chance to meet with the game of one-on-one, it has a huge potential and all chances to win the favor of a greater number of gamers worldwide. This role-playing game, made in the genre MMORPG , calculated on a large number of users. As a browser-based project, you do not have to install any additional programs or files, and for the beginning of the game you will only have to be registered only in the Faces Reality online.

As you know, you expect an active interaction with all registered users of the game. Today there is a huge number of registered participants, so be prepared for and meet new people with like-minded people. You will be involved in fights and battles that will occur in the edge of reality in real time. This game allows for both individual and group types of battles, and, accordingly, you will be able to join clans and act against the combined forces of the enemy.

Since this online project for the beginning of the game, as mentioned above, Faces Reality check is a necessary process. The whole game interface adapted for Russian gamers, so registration difficulties should arise.

1. To registration started, you need to click on the same button "Sign Up", which is on the homepage of the game.

2. After that you will be available to the registration form, which you will need to fill, following all the tips and guidance system, specifying username, password and selecting the sex of the character. Only then you can start to play Faces Reality.

If desired, every beginner can log into the system using your account at one of the social networks. List of all supported social networking is also represented on the homepage of the game.

The main feature of this game is that its administration is constantly trying to maintain contact with each of the users, trying to satisfy all the desires and realize even the wildest ideas. Therefore, every week in the game updated quests and tasks improved gameplay.

Started playing game The Edge of Reality, you can learn the basics of magical things and learn new skills. The project has advanced features role-playing characters that gives the game a special charm. At the edge of reality there are several major classes of characters, including:

1. Knights.

2. Berserkers.

3. Valkyrie.

4. Nosferatu.

As you can see, you will be a good choice. Also, each player will be available to all basic elements: earth, water, air and fire.


The most pleasant is the fact that the free Faces Reality can play anyone. A victory in this game is well deserved achievement and not proplacheny process.


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