Alternative names: GRID 2
Many gamers are fond of a bit of shooters and RPGs, sincerely do not understand the joy of their "colleagues", admiring the computer races. That you can change and improve in a shooter - is understandable, but what is the interest in the race - the changed landscape of the city, is it worth it? In fact, fall in love with racing game, you can only test it personally. Here, for example, GRID 2 game embodies all the finest details that even picky drivers approve of it (and the interface, and specifications, and mechanics). The success of the race is just such minor elements that the naked eye can not notice, but the experience will be able to practice freely. The huge advantage of GRID 2 pc that its official presentation took place at a time when major road-computer geniuses developers a little silent. So it happened that the project has become the most serious and ambitious race. Gamers embraced the game "a great success", it should be noted, not only due to the fact that at the right time there was no alternative. Developers have managed to make a big deal - they have successfully used the situation to present great quality game world race! GRID 2 continue our review we would like to remark that this project can not leave indifferent even the biggest skeptic. There have been many instances when the GRID instilled love for racing vehicles and those gamers, which were discussed at the beginning of the review - an ardent supporter of "friendly" RPGs and shooters who do not understand the features racing genre. In continuation of his brainchild developers did not focus on highly technical, and glamor. In GRID 2 cars look as realistic and able to get up to such tricks, that the eye of the monitor is simply impossible to tear. Police reversals chic drifting, drift - all this you will easily master the game after the start of the process. Deserves special attention and system damage. Machines just scratched or deformed, or if unsuccessful landing incorrectly calculated turn, they are able to break into small pieces. Very sloppy drivers vehicle repair and will have to replace quite often. In general, play GRID 2 will need to be carefully and accurately measure. And also very exciting because you will be competing with serious opponents, ready to fight for victory until the last. How much beauty in this race - is only need to see! As is the case with the last part, begin gameplay can be made only after downloading and installing distributions. Most likely, GRID 2 you can download from the portal Steam. Where is the real value of the game is almost $ 18. Of course, enjoy all the delights of the project, will be possible only by testing it. However, to get a general impression of the shot to get GRID 2 video trailer. Scale, speed, stunts - do not fall in love with is simply impossible, hurry to see for yourself!

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