Hailan Rising

Alternative names: Hailan Rising
Hailan Rising pc - it's a great multiplayer game. Created this masterpiece developers at Reloaded Productions. Because the game is distributed by the model free-to-play, gamers can play safely without worrying about that at one point, the project will offer them to buy some very important addition to, or a subscription to continue playing without which it would be impossible. Hailan Rising - a game that brings in the time of post-apocalypse. According to legend, once the world was destroyed by cruel people death god named Crow. Remained unharmed just one piece of land - the territory haila. Why Crowe decided to take pity on the inhabitants of this territory is unknown, however, argue with the fact meaningless. Life in Hailane continues, and of many nationalities survived only two races: orcs and humans. As at all times, before or after the apocalypse, various nations are trying to do everything possible to take power over the land in their hands. It happened now, so be prepared for the fact that in Hailan Rising will need to play by watching violent confrontation between men and orcs - surviving two nations that have decided to establish their control over the ruins of the world. This project is characterized by extremely clear and bright graphics. Even despite the fact that the events described in the game is not the most picturesque, the scenery is very nice treat, and wonderful animation, ensuring smooth movement of leaves and grass, waving in the wind, just amazing. Now without a twinge of conscience can say that the download should only Hailan Rising for its excellent graphics (let it be a kind of bait, great gameplay that will stand out from the graphics it's impossible not to notice! ). To date, the project has several major classes of characters. But by investing some amount gamer can become the proud owner of such skill as healing or weapons, they are not inherent to the selected class. As the game progresses and you can even have to constantly learn new spells and their effect on the enemy. The use of weapons and the ability to create literate fighting strategy will fall at the way in combat, of which there will be a lot. Prepared for the presentation of Hailan Rising video trailer you can see that players can fight everywhere: on land and on water, and even in flight. Most often, gamers will have to fight monsters, having a small force, but from time to time on the road will appear big bosses, whose victory in many of the characters alone simply can not do. That is why people prefer to join groups and to inflict collective kick. Our Hailan Rising review simply can not say that the game has weekly tournaments, which take part in will all comers, regardless of experience (in the game there is no level system, so the gameplay depends solely on the skill of a gamer).

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