Half-Life 2

Alternative names: Half-Life 2, Half Life 2, 2 Halfa

Half-Life 2


Half-Life 2 - a popular computer game.

Game Half-Life 2 is a famous sci-fi game-style shooter.


In Half-Life 2 walkthrough is possible provided that the computer on which you play has the following requirements:

Processor: 1. 7 GHz

Memory: 512 MB

Video card: compatible with DirectX 8. 1 (support for SSE);

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7;

Internet: High, you need to activate and update the game.


Half-Life 2 will provide you with free entertainment, get to know your characters and episodes.


Before playing Half-Life 2 you have to meet with all the heroes of this game:

• Gordon Freeman. Passion - quantum physics. He agreed to work for a man by the name G-Man.

• Alliance. Ruthlessly refers to earth and use the resources at their black "affairs."

• G-Man. Mysterious man. Complete information about it no one has.

• Residents of City 17. These are people who live in the territory formerly known as Europe.

• Wallace Breen. The person that had the responsibility to answer for kapitulirovanie from Earth.

• Barney Calhoun. The guy, a reliable partner in the fight.

• Alyx Vance. Smart and energetic girl. She does a great job

• Isaac Kleiner. It is engaged in theoretical physics and constantly likes to talk.

• Eli Vance - this man is a genius scientist. And he leads the resistance.

• Judith Mossman. This girl - cold-blooded undoubtedly clever, but has a weak nervous system.

• Arne Magnusson. Work for him above all else. Vanity - it's his hobby.

• Vortigaunts. Teamed up with the people to fight for their freedom.

• Dog. Guard and best friend Shaggy for Alix.

• Father Gregory. He is ready to fight against zombies. In this life, it already does not scare.

• Odessa Kebbedzh. Brave man, the leader of the group.


Half-Life 2, you can download via torrent.


Half-Life 2 episode 2 starts to develop after Gordon and his friends came under explosion and the train crashed.

Half-Life 2 episode 3 more for technical reasons is in a "project."

Half Life 2 tell you the history of the character Gordon, who decides to attack monsters, paratroopers and other enemies. However, Half-Life 2 and other tests prepared Gordon. He will have to face the sinister G-Man, which is due to heroism Gordon them interested.

Scary tests fall on the shoulders of courage, it is not the Earth, which has been before.

Halfa 2 throws his characters an incredible number of tests, among which the following opponents:

Zombayn - this Alliance soldiers. Attacks hands or metal objects.

Reprogrammed Push Along mines - some time are no longer adversaries.

Mini-Strider - these opponents appear in the second episode of Half-Life 2.

Game Half-Life 2 is fascinating and a worthy continuation of the first version with your updates.


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