InFamous: Second Son

Alternative names: InFamous: Second Son
InFamous: Second Son - continuation of the famous game lineup. This time, instead of concentrated and too serious Cole as the main character will act funny and eccentric guy named Delsin, addicting graffiti. Young people are not accustomed to live in peace, the guy always gets into some modifications, for what often turns out to prisoners in the local jail. Older brother regularly pulls it out of the trouble that Delsina quite satisfied and, apparently, he is not going to change my life for the time being. Time comes when in InFamous: Second Son pc next to hiding again from police misetrom Rowe (Delsinom) bus accident happens, the carrying of dangerous criminals. Among the latter was a tricky bioterrorist possessing supernatural ability. Delsinu somehow managed to absorb his power. Moreover - now the guy can absorb all bioterrorist superpowers. Sensing his strength, the guy decided to challenge itself Augustine - villain-led Ministry of uniform protection (gamers are familiar with the earlier parts of the project should be well understood he was talking about). Thereafter, InFamous: Second Son play becomes much more interesting. Help in the quest to overthrow Augustine Delsinu are sufficiently original guys. About them in the game says very little, but this is enough to understand who they are. Himself the protagonist - a real gem, his actions, he makes the gameplay more lively and active. Once you decide to download the same-InFamous: Second Son, you can immediately "join" in the gameplay. During the game your hero will be able to develop many different skills. The main character can choose two main areas of development: it can be friendly "warrior of light" that eliminates the city from the evil involved in charity and willing to help first counter or self-sufficient and self-righteous, hypocritical hero, willing to betray even the native people at the earliest opportunity. Our InFamous: Second Son review must focus on the fact that in this part of the project is done in a balanced gameplay. That is, the players do not have, having a mission for the "good guy" to replay all standing "on the dark side." The game will offer something new on their own. Gamers will always be something to do, the system will constantly pop him new original job. Even from InFamous: Second Son video trailer shows that the game implemented a large-scale open world, where life never stands still. Constantly on the street, there are people from time to time the townspeople gather in groups for meetings. Someone perceives Delsina as a hero, and who is the same (to the authorities, in most cases) the guy has to do not like. Whatever it was, the main character goes to his goal, and you will help him in this!

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