Juggernaut, Juggernaut

Alternative names: Juggernaut

Juggernaut online - one of the best browser games of today belongs to the genre of MMORPG, it means that you will play in the body of your character, be able to develop his fighting with other players, monsters and completing quests.

Juggernaut performed using three-dimensional engine «Unity», which allows the use of the chart to go to another, qualitatively new level in browser RPG games. A separate item worth mentioning details of battles, especially exciting looks to use spells.

Let's see what the system requirements puts Juggernaut online.

Minimum requirements for your PC:

• Connecting to the Internet

• Available port 33120 for jugger. ru

• Preset Flash Player 10. 0

• Screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels

• PredustanovlennyyUnity Web Player 2. 6

• Internet Explorer version 6. 0 or higher

Recommended system requirements:

• High-speed Internet access

• Display Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels

• Pentium Core 2 Duo 2000 MHz or AMD 3200 +

• The graphics chip 128MB

• Sound card (possibly integrated)

• Browser Internet Explorer 7. 0 or higher

• Lack of firewalls and proxy servers.

• 2048 MB RAM

Join in the game Juggernaut simple - you need to fill out some text fields:

  • Vashogo character name
  • Postal address, which will be the login

Also during registration you offer to link your game account with one of the accounts in social networks. Password and confirm the password is the same from the mailbox.

Currently running two game server Relic and Utopia. As a gift, for what you have spent time, Juggernaut Registration will allow you to choose one and s 5 subjects with which you and start the game. Choose the specifications of your PC, which allows the computer to select the appropriate set of game settings. Juggernaut Online registration does not take long and we can proceed to download the client, which is downloaded by technology p2p.

Juggernaut online game has great quality graphics.

Right from the first levels you will be able to demonstrate their mastery of combat and tactical skills and already at level 15 you will have a choice of one of the warring parties - the League of Free and Steel Cohort.

An interesting point of the gameplay is to use gloves Force. This item can get downright any player. Glove allows you to combine your forces in crushing blows sequences that become fatal to your enemies.

Play online game Juggernaut as possible by killing monsters alone and thereby improve their skills, and special attack "bosses" which alone, no one thought to compete, this should help the team, clan .

Separate class enemies from outer space - Eaters, it is very powerful monsters who are willing to destroy this exciting world. Play online game Juggernaut best company that can form a clan.

In the online game Juggernaut, there are several types of classes: mining and producing. Each character can only master the skill of one of them. For the mining profession need to achieve 7th level approach the Warden at the Crossroads and perform the job. In the future it will be possible to change the profession.

Gathering professions are divided into:

• Powwow

• Elementalist

• prospectors

Assistant assembly resources you initially will serve as a gremlin, which can also be developed and improved. Upon reaching 12th level, you can select another assistant

Play Juggernaut The generating no profession is also quite difficult. Upon reaching 7th level required to go to the Crossroads for Ereyu Directory and perform a small quest. After you to choose from such profesisy as:

• Snape

• Znakoved

• Caster

Upon reaching 13th level, you can become a blacksmith or demonology. Thanks Juggernaut play RPG becomes more interesting, because it is in this game was invented original assistants and the possibility of parallel development of several specialties.

Juggernaut game will entice you into the exciting world of adventure!


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