Jungle wars

Alternative names: Jungle wars

Jungle Wars - mostly game developers prefer to move gamers somewhere in the future or vice versa - in the wars of the past. And everyone forgets about how difficult the life of those who live in the jungle. Here, too, there is a constant struggle for territory and the development of new deposits of useful resources. The project Jungle Wars 2014 will turn you into one of the representatives of the ancient tribe, and you will be able to experience all the difficulties of this life far from civilization in your own skin.

Registration in the project

This is a great modern online project. You will not need to install any programs in order to test the game. The only condition in the Jungle Wars registration, immediately after which you can begin acquaintance with the game. The English interface of the site should not confuse you all can understand on an intuitive level.

  1. In the first line of the registration form (which, by the way, is located directly on the main page), enter your login.
  2. The second line is reserved for the password.
  3. In the completion of registration, specify the address of your own e-mail box.

If you want to register in Jungle Wars online, you can simplify even more simply log in to the project using your Facebook account details.

Bases of the gameplay

For a long time guessing and you will not have to wonder. The game will meet you intelligible training course. From the glorious native Amber, you will learn that her lands were recently attacked by giant spiders. Monsters are going to destroy the village completely, and you, naturally, will become the only one who can withstand the monsters.

The Jungle Wars game will allow you to build you various buildings that will help in the protection and development:

  1. Totem is a structure that should become the heart of your village. This building will open many opportunities and will allow to erect many useful buildings.
  2. To mana can be spent wisely, you need a special mana-storage.
  3. Don't forget about farms. Playing the game Jungle Wars without farms will be difficult - here is the food needed to maintain the army. In addition, products can be exchanged for various useful things.
  4. Altar in the village will not be superfluous. Here is mana. With its help, the usual game object can be significantly improved.
  5. And of course, do not neglect the defensive structures: observation towers, traps, towers.

With the construction of the latter, by the way, the game will start for you.

V Jungle Wars is relatively easy to play. You have three main tasks:

  1. To build a city and develop existing buildings.
  2. Fight with neighboring tribes and defend your lands.
  3. Collect basic resources.

Main gaming resources

Rating of all characters is determined according to the following characteristics:

  • awards;
  • buildings;
  • coins;
  • ;
  • man;
  • time acceleration.

All these resources in Jungle Wars online can be earned without investing real money. Something you can get for completing tasks (new actual quests appear constantly, you can study them in the panel on the left). Some resources can be recaptured. Most of you can assemble and produce yourself.

The game also features the ability to share useful resources between friends. For example, the more game friends you have, the more accelerations you can get in one day. And for new registered friends you can get a modest cash reward.


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