Alternative names: Kingdom

To get acquainted with a great online game that will entice you with not one hour, the brainchild of studio SKAZKA - game Kingdom. Great undemanding to resources of a computer graphics, and at the same time is good enough and colorful in the first minutes of the game creates a great view of the game. Kingdom game does not require heavy-duty computers - just average machine for office work (Intel Celeron 900, 128 mb RAM, sound card and an Internet connection of course). Kingdom Online registration is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. In order to register a character is not necessary to choose its characteristics

Race (Elves and Men)


Occupation (warrior, shooter, Paladin, thug, mage, monk), the advantages and disadvantages of each specialization slightly lower

Appearance (face, hair, hair color)

Also, you must enter the organizational registration data

- Character name (from 3 to 16 characters), you can generate a random name

- Mail address

- And confirm the password - it is desirable to use small and large Latin characters and numbers.

Kingdom online game captures from the first minute, in particular its plot, which is based on the struggle for the throne and the internecine war between the two peoples of one big country. The conflict arose when, after the death of the king and the Council of Nobles of the Ancient Circle began to fight for a place on the throne, and then there were years of senseless wars that simply undermined the economy and the spirit of the Kingdom. You have to try to put things in order to solve all the puzzles of this fantasy world. Perhaps it is your participation will provide sufficient advantage of one party. Maybe you can change something just to settle the conflict, in any case, be quite complicated and interesting problem.

The game has six playable classes, each of which has its advantages and vulnerabilities. 4 of them fighting - warrior, shooter, paladin and a thug. Deft hands and thugs are to win magicians and monks, has the makings of a paladin as a warrior and a monk. Strong attack mages and archers inflict damage to soldiers and thugs vulnerable. play online game Kingdom without knowing anything about the system artifacts and protective clothing - that still go on the field of battle without weapons. Quality helmets, shields tunics save you from fatal blows, pendants, rings and charms give you magic resistance and improve some of the parameters, and thanks to your weapon, you can win hundreds of opponents. The battle system in the Kingdom perfectly thought out and all the fights or massive battles take place in real time. There are arenas where you can measure themselves 1 1 or dungeons are filled with thousands of monsters also regularly held tournaments where you can become the Champion of the Kingdom, but it is necessary to undergo thorough training and pick up the outfit, appropriate for your class and level. Kingdom allows play as developing peacefully performing various tasks, you can also develop, killing monsters or fighting with other players. The lands they lost home to the most powerful monsters, murder which gives the maximum amount of experience, money and resources, but alone meddle in these forgotten land is not worth it, because instead of treasure chests filled, you can return with nothing and even lose all that was. To descend into the dungeon of lost lands, you need to gather a group of 5 people. At the end of each location Lost Lands prepare you a nasty surprise in the form of a strong raid boss whose murder an opportunity to get the best armor and weapons. But in order for that to take an elite outfit, you can perform tasks cycle "Heroes Chronicles", because it is such armor needed to win the Royal Tournament. Earth Kingdom is divided into many small areas

- Earth Tile

- Lost Lands

Winter limit

- Mountains Horrasa

- Red well

- Folkstron

- Muddy Swamp

Some of them belong mainly elves reign on some people develop on enemy territory was subject to challenge, but really. We hope that your participation in the game will help bring peace to the land of a fantasy kingdom.


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