Alternative names: END OF THE WORLD

Edge of the World online - is a free role-playing RPG game client, which is made in the style of fallout. This game takes you in 2061, in postapokalipsichesky world where you have to confront the various mutants for the survival of the surviving islands.

To join the game, you are invited to Edge of the World Register. The very same Edge of the World online registration is not complicated: after you install the game client, enter the username, password, and e-mail. After that you choose for your character class and make it the image (appearance). Among the classes in the Edge of the World online game asks you to select the following options: Fighter, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman, Atlanta, and Dr. Tech. Each class has its own characteristics: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Perception and Mentality. Starting points are distributed for each class differently. Apart from the characteristics, each class in the online game Edge of the World, there are common and unique skills (like them in this game a lot, now we will not list them, get to know them and you will be able to directly ofsayte joining the game). In addition, each character has a more basic parameters: level of health, level of physical energy and mental energy level.

Game Edge of the World has a wide selection of weapons, here there: Contact weapons, Cold Steel, Throwing weapons, biological weapons, traps, Pistols, Shotguns and Crossbows (it's worth noting that the cartridges in the game are quite rare and are expensive, alternatives may be steel balls of the bearing.)

In addition to weapons, this game has a very large variety of equipment ranging from glasses and helmets, and ending shoes and sneakers ... (look at ofsayte as really a very large selection).

Now about the gameplay: before their gaming exploits, you will see an entertaining movie about the history of your local Papuans captivity, after which you will meet with his first "teacher-quest giver", which tells you what you need to do.

Your first location in Edge of the World online game will Bay, which was dominated by Chief (he will tell you to eat, you will devote to local laws give job quest, and if necessary - loan), here you can buy, or sell things, to heal, to hand over to the warehouse and valuable items that etc. In the game, except the Bay, there are also locations such as Kimer Tau Fortshtad, Base Volkov and Sisyphus. After talking with NPC in the Bay, you can get them to bid for work (in the form of quests). Also quest quests from NPC can find useful information, as well as to exchange items.

Play Game Edge of the World online gaming locations at a certain rate and frequency will be various items (different items drop with different probabilities), arranging them, they will fall into the inventory. Thanks to disassemble and assemble these items, you can create your new items (assembly possible with the necessary items and recipes).

Play Edge of the World, you will meet with many unique and dangerous monsters, which are randomly generated depending on the location, type and distance from the island village. Maintain communication with these beings and trade negotiations can not simply destroy them, and in the case of defeating them in battle, you'll be able to pick up theirs trophies. The presence of monsters in this game is quite large and varied: Brooks, Pigbul, Teradog, Aori, Aodra, Heliczer, Helitsid, Rader Mezoid, bigot and Anchor (each one is unique in its own way).

In battles with monsters, you will also be an opportunity to compete on their own against other players in PvP-battles.

If all of a sudden during the fight, you get injured, you will be transported to the nearest hospital or the shaman's hut, to heal the wounds.

Do you have the ability to create a clan or log into an existing, as well as join one of the 3 alliances: the Northern Alliance, the Brotherhood and the Confederation.

In Edge of the World you can play, not only in the battle arenas, and relaxing in the game bar in the casino for the mini-games: Roulette, Tsiklon2, Bones, Dogfights etc.

In the world of online game Edge of the World has its own game currency - nuts.

Play the game online Edge of the World, you can chat with other players (via chat), as well as to exchange them with inventory items.

Join in the game Edge of the World, will open before you the world!


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