World Cup

Alternative names: World Cup

World Cup online - is a multiplayer browser game in the genre of "football manager", in which the player acts as the owner of the football club, one of the 16 professional football leagues.

World Cup online game does not need to install the game client, and is accessible from any browser. To start the game, you need Register World Cup: You can enter the game with the help of social networks, such as, Mail. ru, Facebook, Classmates, VK (if any registered account in one of them), or directly from the site via the registration form (in field data type e-mail and password, accept the terms of the Rules of the game and press the button "Register"). Register at this stage in the game World Cup ends, and then have to create the game settings: in the new window that appears, enter the username in the appropriate fields (nick) name of the future of the club, choose the national league of 16 countries, and click "Next". After that, in the next screen will be asked to undergo a training course on the game (it is advisable to take! ) Or abandon it. Well, now you can try to play the game online World Cup.

The main objective of the game is to buy and training players, as well as to choose the most optimal game tactics and develop the infrastructure of the club. In addition, you will need to engage more young players of their own education, and participate in various national tournaments.

The main goal of the game - to create the most successful football club in this project.
First victory in the games, the team will receive the first level. Reaching 2nd level, the team automatically filed in the championship of the country selected (at this stage it would be relegated). Reaching new levels, you can go to the top division, where new buildings will be available infrastructure of the club, and more attractive tournaments. To move to each new level, you need to get a certain amount of experience, which is given for participation in games (winner - 3 points for a draw - 1 point).

Each player has its own position in the game, and each item has its own characteristics. Here are the main characteristics of the players in the project online game World Cup
- Goalkeeper (speed, agility, reaction)
- Defender (speed, taking the ball, personal care, ball control, precision gear)
- Midfielder and Forward (speed, ball control, precision strikes, power punches, precision gear).
, After each match the characteristics of the players are changing, and theirs performance level depends on various conditions, such as the level of the coach and team coaching, the importance of the match, and so etc.

Very important role played by individual players for performance
Talent - the higher the player talent, the faster it develops.
P.. readiness - figure how a player is ready for the match.
Morale - the higher the index is, the more confident player feels on the field.

Each player has a set salary, which varies depending on experience and skill (the higher the class, the more salary).
Play game World Cup online can be taking part in various friendly matches and tournaments, arranging for his team the most appropriate style: Fast play in passing, usually plays in a pass or Dribbling.

World Cup online game allows for any player of the team to determine the status: Leave team, put up for sale or Dismiss.

Play World Cup will be interesting to all who are not indifferent to football. If anyone have any questions about this game, available customer support is always needed help. In this review we are not all the features of this game project, since it is large enough and functional. And thanks to an accessible and understandable information content, can learn a lot during the game.

To play in the World Cup, do not need much, just a desire, the desire to achieve their goals, and of course, the World Cup online registration!


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