The Legend of Heroes

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Game Legend of Heroes save the world.

iPlayer Legend of Heroes massively multiplayer role-playing game in which the hero will find himself in a beautiful fantasy world filled with adventure and danger, as well as travel to different cities with fast friends. A player with his character a long way, his goal will be to rescue the virtual world from the terrible villains and terrible monsters, and the mission to bring prosperity and peace of the virtual universe for many centuries.

The extraordinary adventures of the hero will be a strong and wise, gaining experience and earn fame, experiences a lot of true friends, to rebuild their own city with a beautiful castle, and in the leisure hours of bloody battles with evil forces can engage in farming.

The game is very beautiful, her perfectly traced graphics, bright colors, and of course the players, management. This is a huge plus for the free browser game, which will not have to download the program, but you can go under one account from different computers.   In order to get into the magic world of the game The Legend of Heroes registration is required, so it creates the image of the game and saved all the achievements with further inputs. You can register in two ways, using social networking sites or email addresses.



Features The Legend of Heroes

Starting to play the game The Legend of Heroes users will need to determine the character. At higher levels, players will be able to create other characters, but the original author gave a choice of three classes of different sex characters, you need to decide on one:

  • Strelok – agile, tough, accurate fighter, able to hit enemies from a distance.
  • – Warrior strong, well- protected by the hero, it is ideal for close combat.
  • – Magician Lord of magic spells and potions. His miraculous powers can not only crush the enemy from afar, but also to destroy the enemy team, and yet he is able to heal his companions to the battlefield.

Chem in a large number of battles involved the hero, the more he experiences, it helps him to develop skills.

In the game The Legend of Heroes can play, fighting with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence and with real players currently on the network. Turn-based fighting system, the user can choose the tactics to place their characters and companions on the battlefield. With mobs and bosses battle itself takes place automatically, but the fights with real opponents make it possible to intervene in the course of the battle.

Hero City from the very beginning of the whole closed, stands a lonely castle on the rocky steep slopes of the mountains and the portal opens the way to the battle zone. Even during training becomes available smithy, it is a function of the establishment and improvement of weapons, it requires either silver, or diamonds game currency, valuable tools that can be purchased for real money or earn by completing tasks. The higher the player progresses through the levels, the more opportunities it opens and buildings. Altar allows to hire new heroes, training camp, to make them stronger, and all kinds of underground construction opens new doors to a huge game world.

Game Legend of Heroes in spite of the fact that free access is less than six months, has collected a lot of fans. Inside the virtual world, you can not only fight with real players, but also to make friends with them, chat and join the guild. Guild helps to withstand the strong and cunning enemy and win where alone it is impossible to do.


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