Legends Heroes

Alternative names: Legends of Heroes

To begin playing the game Legends of Heroes online, you need to be registered. Join in the game Legend of Heroes takes you less than a minute. It consists of several steps:
1. Enter your login.
2. Provide an email address.
3. Accept the user agreement and privacy rules.
After these three steps, Legends Heroes registration is over.
Online game LegendsofHeroes has a large population, of which you should choose a representative of a race:
• People;
• Elves;
& bull ; Highlanders;
• Sirens;
• Orcs;
• Spirits; [_1_ ] • Residents dungeons;
• Demons;
• Undead.

Before playing in the Legends of Heroes, you need to understand what are the advantages of each race.
People are strong military strategists. They made weapons and armor of the highest quality, capable cast spells on their enemies. People involved in breeding horses and griffins.
Elves live in forests. Their peaceful existence in harmony with nature is their happiness - for elves nothing is more important than being the guardians of evergreen forests.
Highlanders prefer to live away from other people. By the nature of the Highlanders are very unpredictable and completely unique - some may be quite friendly, others are incredibly fierce and bloodthirsty.

Very fun to play Legends of Heroes sirens - swamp creatures. Adapting to life in a swampy area, their skin covered with scales. The main weapon of the Sirens is a poison that causes enemies not only numb, but even death.
Orcs people furious and very strong. They are born to be fighters. Orcs bred high monsters: thunderbird, wolves and other creatures to help them in battle.
Game Legends of Heroes Online is populated very mysterious race. Perfume - The most mysterious inhabitants Batei. All spirits have the properties of elements - fire, ice, earth and air.
In dark underground caves settled residents dungeons. Nobody knows these raw dungeon better than its true inhabitants.
Demons found their abode near the volcanoes because they are eternal associates of fire and heat. From other peoples demons especially emphasizes the rough reddish-brown skin. Their main weapon - the horns and sharp claws.

Legends of Heroes online inhabits another race whose origin is shrouded in mystery - the undead. Many say that the walking dead - is dead souls, do not leave this world of hatred and revenge.

Online Game Legend of Heroes have their own long history. When you create, the world was a keeper - Nils, who made every effort perfecting his creation and banishing evil.
For centuries, formed nine civilizations. Last were spirits. Their elements were not palpable form, so Nils gave them life and form.
Watching the lives of his creations, Nils began to notice that the creating kind and light, creating became embittered and darkness the whip upper hand over them. Nils, making sure that the world itself is evil, became the Lord of Darkness.

During the reign of the Lord of Darkness Batei existence was threatened against him were three gods:
• Fiona goddess of life;
• Arumar - god war;
• disturbing - the god of wisdom.

The war between the gods and the Lord of the darkness lasted for centuries and finally, the dark lord was defeated. However, the Lord of Darkness commanders launched yet another crushing blow - the gods were exhausted and fell. Their souls explode into fragments and scattered.
Now Bath was divided into four regions, ruled by Death, Fire, Doom and Immortal lord of evil.

Starting to play the game online Legends of Heroes, you will realize that all peoples are united by one idea only: to gather forces and destroy all four lords.
Join Legends of Heroes - Your chance to show all his strength and military bearing.
Legends of Heroes online game is waiting for you!


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