Legion of the Dead

Alternative names: Legion of the Dead
Legion of the Dead is a MMORPG online game with the ability to hire additional heroes. They are, in consequence, will be very helpful to you. Locations are made in oriental style and divided into different types: • Dungeon • Arena • Phase and other Legion of the Dead online game is qualitatively different from similar games, it is advantageous stands out colorful computer graphics, fairly simple tactical mechanics and, of course, the possibility of continuous development. The game's plot tells us that in ancient times the people and orcs fought among themselves for the opportunity to rule over territories. This confrontation and military conflict lasted for hundreds of years. Once the evil forces under the leadership of King Lich able to open the gates of space. Undead army leaked in order to enslave the world of the living. In such circumstances, humans and orcs, it was decided to forget about the hostility to each other, to join forces in the fight against the new, common and powerful enemy for the sake of life itself, freedom. You'll be playing in the Legion of the Dead from the face of one of the young soldiers. Your hero formed his own unit to fight with the enemy force. Select this hero will have the opportunity of the three classes. On their way, be confident in their abilities, unwavering belief in yourself will help crush the Legion of the Dead, and come back with a victory! But do not forget that in addition to fighting the enemies of care must be taken to improve and strengthen your own padlock. After all, it is quite an important subject, reliable rear. In addition, it is periodically necessary to improve and your main character with his outfit. Make it easy with the help of icons on the screen. In the Legion of the Dead to play - a real pleasure, the control system is not very complicated, but it should be used. With the tips you will be able to understand what was going on without any problems, all the questions can be discussed further in the community of players, where gamers will be happy with any support or advise. In addition, there are many ways for competition with other players: • the siege of the citadel • fighting in the arena • clan wars, and much more To start the gameplay should go to the official site of the project in order to register. In the Legion of the Dead registration is simple and convenient, it consists of the following items: You must specify your e-mail address; Specify the name of your character; Come up and enter your password; Repeat the password; Read and confirm your agreement with the user agreement; Click the Register button. Now you - the user a full project and can absorb the available arsenal. Legion of the Dead game that few people indifferent, one has only to start, and it will entice you for a long time. She deserves to take your precious free time! Come and conquer the top of Glory and Honor!

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