Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Alternative names: Life is a strange thing: Before a storm

New game Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.

About the plot metamorphosis. "This means that the authors send us for three years before the start of the main story. It was at that time that Chloe Price met and then made friends with Rachel Amber.

While playing the game Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, you will be carried away by a whirlpool of complex characters. Girls teenagers are always difficult to experience a period of growing up, and they think that everything is too complicated, ambiguous, contradictory. They seek support from friends, and only so they manage to overcome every day the reality that has fallen on them.

When Rachel suddenly found out that her family had a terrible secret for a long time, it radically turned her life around. Heavy thoughts, blows of fate, troubles of a different plan can undermine faith in the good and humanity of anyone. It is especially difficult to confront them with young people. Only friendship with Chloe helps a girl to cope with the situation, although she herself had to endure many tragedies, like the death of her father, the loss of her best friend and many other events. All this can not be contained in one soul and does not break. For that, there are girlfriends in order to support each other as much as possible, substituting a fragile but reliable shoulder at the same time.

Download Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is available from September 2017. As the authors of the project told, this game affects the social aspects of life of each of us. There are moments of death, loss and suffering, but the negative is compensated by manifestations of sincere friendship, love and affection. The gameplay is built on vivid emotions, and therefore does not leave indifferent. Chloe appears before us as a rather sharp and determined girl.

V Life Is Strange: Before the Storm there is a bonus game episode"Farewell". In it, the last time players will be allowed to act on behalf of the heroine Max Caulfield.


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