Light of darkness

Alternative names: Light of Darkness

Light of Darkness: A Timeless Journey

A round-the-world trip gives delight from the recognition of the unusual traditions of the peoples and the contemplation of the beauty of the landscape. But even such a voyage is nothing compared to moving through time. The developers of 3Claw decided that the game Light of Darkness will be the portal that will send the player to his most exciting adventure for centuries and legends.

Hero of the game was cursed by the Demon of Shadow and stuck in time. But he cannot allow the villain to subjugate the space-time continuum, and takes up arms in order to prevent the change of history and the chaos that the Demon conceived. He jumps from one era to another, stretching for 2000 years, meeting with legendary personalities:

  • Robin Hood
  • With Arthur roll
  • Zhanna Dark
  • Magician Merlin
  • Antique ruler Julius Caesar

storyline promises to be exciting, and Light of Darkness will be really fun to play. Who would refuse to communicate with charismatic personalities who left their mark on history, besides saving the world from a catastrophe along the way? During temporary jumps, you will find unique artifacts that will help in accomplishing the mission. For example, it is quite possible to get a bow of a robin, Arthur's mystical sword - Excalibur or Merlin's magic staff. Just imagine how much power you have in your hands. If it is properly applied, you can rein in the most obvious evil.

We select the image of a hero

To participate in such an exciting adventure, Light of Darkness needs to be registered, and then proceed to study the few representatives of the classes of heroes.

  • Warriors. This is a real tank - rushing forward and sweeps the enemy from the path. And not surprisingly, having such an incredible sword. He is not afraid to fall in battle, and such courage gives him strength and inspires fear in the enemy. His gift is indispensable in the melee attack, and the skills include: a whirlwind of blades, a gap, a blow of light.
  • Assassin is also a close follower and is armed with two jagged swords. This is a born killer fast, agile, energetic, elusive for the enemy. His skills: mirage of death, whirlwind, dance of shadows.
  • Mag is endowed with the gift of communicating with animals and skillfully controls the elements of nature. He needs to constantly improve the knowledge of the secrets of the natural elements in order to fully apply the magic. His skills include: tornado, wave of magic and extermination. To defeat the enemy, coming close to him is not necessary.

This is still all the characters presented to choose from, but as the game continues to evolve, one can hope that in the future there will be more diversity.

character development and fighting

B Light of Darkness can not do without a constant increase in performance. Participation in battles and quests contribute to the growth of not only personal qualities, but also opens the way to a variety of pets and equipment (normal, rare, epic). It is very important to accumulate chrono-energy in different events, in order then to improve the hero's skills and acquire useful equipment.

Present here and the possibility of PvE or PvP battles. Moreover, many events occur in automatic mode. It is necessary to leave the hero unattended for a few minutes, when, on his return, it turns out that he managed to visit several places and complete a couple of tasks. To take control, join the guilds and go to the Arena, where the most legendary feats are performed. The highlight of the toy can be considered a kind of deviation from the usual scenario - the opposite sex is free to enter into virtual marriages, and this is even encouraged by bonuses.


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