Dashing 90

Alternative names: Lihie 90

Dashing 90th online - free browser game created by the inspiration of the series "Brigada". This online game Dashing 90th is the socio-economic simulator, transporting the player into the world of the recent past of our country. Time of corruption, destruction and mayhem. One is forced to seek a better life on their own, acting means to achieve goals.

Dashing 90th online game where the action takes place in a virtual city, which is divided into zones of influence of gangs, each of which specializes in a certain kind of criminal activity. Your task in this game is to survive and gradually increase its authority, in order to become the master of the shadow as a result of the city and as much as possible to stay on this site. You can play the game Dashing 90th online and join one of the groups that are implemented in the criminal area that you like, or go your own way and organize your in-game business, opening a publishing house, engaged in trade, arms sales and ie , Or put together a gang and do racketeering.

Minimum system requirements: Internet connection of 64 kbit / s, installed Adobe Flash Player 10, RAM - 1 GB hard drive space - 512 MB.

To start the game requires registration in the game Dashing 90th.
Register Dashing 90th in several ways: You can enter through one of the social networks that are already registered. If not, it can be done using your email address. Or register on the site by specifying the name (under it you will know the other players in the game), your E-mail and password. Dashing on this 90th registration will be complete.

Since the beginning of the game you get into the neutral zone. If you do not wish to follow a storyline and did not choose the role of one of the militant gangs, in order to adapt to the game and gain experience, it is desirable to obtain information from computer characters.
Do not neglect the training and not to raise their level, based on an easy victory. Initially, all the same should be done at least an easy task, thus increasing, their characteristics and skills.
Settled character and play the game online Dashing 90 can be in any location, including the territory of the other groups, but it must be very careful, because the character can attack in any location, even during the task. Subsequently, earning prestige and money, you can buy or build themselves a home and begin to establish their own business. This is the most interesting feature of the game: here players can play Dashing 90 locations and expand and change their appearance. You can build houses, shops, offices in specially designated areas. They can be used or sold at auction.

Very interested in this game, the Baltic Hotels fights - with simultaneous multiplayer planned actions. That is, in a battle a few players can participate at the same time, players do not make moves in a strict sequence, while there is an opportunity to change the course of the battle weapons of choice, or a combination of punches.


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