Lord of Ultima

Alternative names: Lord Of Ultima

LORD OF ULTIMA online - a new online project from the world-renowned developer of computer games - Electronic Arts, the company largely stood at the origins of all the computer games industry. And the universe to issue its own browser game "electronics" was chosen by the familiar and well-known - the first game of the series Ultima appeared more than twenty years ago. What happened from this combination? New, sophisticated, successfully combining economic and military strategy game with nice graphics and fun gameplay.

Join in the game LORD OF ULTIMA - something with which you begin their long journey to develop their own settlements. The game is completely browser-based and does not require downloading and installing the client, all you need to start playing the game LORD OF ULTIMA online - Internet connection and a browser. Register LORD OF ULTIMA not take much time - just enter an email address to which you will get an email confirmation of registration and which online game LORD OF ULTIMA uses to logon and password, select your name in the gaming world and Enter your country. As you can see, the game LORD OF ULTIMA check made as simple and fast, in order not to delay wanting to play LORD OF ULTIMA unnecessary actions.

One of the features that has the game LORD OF ULTIMA online is the ability to select one of two paths of development - peace, economic and military. If you want to fully concentrate on the peaceful path of development, establish trade relations, build and upgrade a variety of buildings and thus maintain their cities to thrive, you just need not to build in the city castle. In this case, even having a huge army of hostile configured neighbor can only organize predatory expedition on your city that even in the event of your failure will not end the seizure of territory or the destruction of towns - you will lose only part of their treasury. If you prefer an active way and military development of our state, LORD OF ULTIMA online game offers you a different way - you need to build a castle that will be the basic structure of any city. It allows you to keep the castle full of hostilities and removes any restrictions, except for a seven-day beginners protection from attack. But also the presence of the castle allows players to attack everyone around your city, and a similar attack in the worst case can result in a complete transfer of power to the city more successful opponent.

LORD OF ULTIMA online game also has another interesting feature - the construction of buildings in it of itself is an interesting puzzle and mini-game, because of the placement of each building its effectiveness depends! For example, located in an open field lumberjack hut will also produce timber, but only its amount will be far less than from the same cabin in the woods - in fact every time the logger will run for the trees. Well, when it comes time to put the mill, it is also better to place near the lumberjacks, who was already a sawmill workers will not have far to run for the materials.

Based upon these features of the game LORD OF ULTIMA play it interesting and fun, easy gameplay with addictive for many hours. To date, the worldwide number of people willing to play the game online LORD OF ULTIMA is measured in hundreds of thousands, and the number continues to grow as the game LORD OF ULTIMA online continues to grow and delight fans of new features and bonuses.


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