Mafia II

Alternative names: Mafia II

Mafia II is an exciting computer game. This game is designed in the style of a shooter, and the events taking place in it in the third person.

Mafia 2 PC game download can only grown players. For underage users access to the game is closed. Download Mafia 2 can be on any other site which provides such an opportunity. For example, this can be done on the torrent.

Video Mafia 2 you can now look at the different sites. This can be done on the game's official website or on youtube. In the video reveals basic information about the game, characters are represented, weapons and much more.

Playing Mafia 2 is divided into parts. All in the game fifteen parts:

Part 1. Historical homeland.

Part 2. Home sweet home.

Part 3. Enemy of the State.

Part 4. Murphy's Law.

Part 5. Circular saw.

Part 6. Good time.

Part 7. Memory of Francesco Potenza.

Part 8. Restless.

Part 9. Balm and Beans.

Part 10. Room Service.

Part 11. Our friend.

Part 12. Seafood.

Part 13. Phenomenon dragon.

Part 14. Stairway to Heaven.

Part 15. Through hardship to the stars.

Play Mafia 2, you'll be the main character. Also below you will learn about some of the other characters:

1. Vittorio Antonio "Vito" Scaletta - is the main character in the game. He is 7 years old. This character partner Clemente family, and the Falcone family soldiers. After some events, he becomes a soldier family Vinci.

2. Joseph "Joe" Barbaro - the best friend of the main character. You will find it in all chapters except the first.

3. Henry Thomasina is a soldier Clemente family, and then Falcone. He is a friend of Joe and Vito. Found in several chapters.

4. Alberto Clemente is the head of a mafia family Clemente. His in-game kills Joe.

5. Carlo Falcone is the main antagonist of the game. For his actions he kills Vito in the last chapter.

6. Franco "Frank" Vinci is a member of the Mafia family Vinci.

7. Leonardo "Leo" Galante is a family consigliere Vinci.

8. Eddie Scarpa is the right hand Carlo Falcone.

9. Federico "Derek" Pappalardo is the secondary antagonist of the game. His killing Vito chapter 14.

10. Lucas "Luke" Gurin is capo Clemente family. Killing him in the ninth chapter of Tony Balm.

11. Steven "Steve" Coyne is a mercenary family Vinci. His killing Vito chapter 14.

12. Antonio "Tony Balm" is Balsamo soldiers Falcone family.

13. Brian O'Neill is an antagonist of the third category. Vito kills him in the sixth chapter.

14. Martin "Marty" Santorelli is another Barbaro accomplice Clemente family, and then Falcone.

In Mafia 2 game you will play, using different types of weapons:

1. Pistols and revolvers.

2. Sub-machine guns.

3. Shotguns.

4. Rifle.

5. Guns.

6. Methyl weapon.

Playing Mafia 2 contains more than 46 kinds of cars. All vehicles are based on real prototypes. Names of cars in the game invented. Older models of cars can be purchased in several colors.

In addition to buying a car, you can still steal it, broke the lock or smashing glass in it.


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