Medieval Total War

Alternative names: Medieval Total War

Medieval Total War - computer turn-based game, suggesting strategy. Game Medieval: Total War is the second series of Total War, the second splash of talent and inspiration manufacturers. Follows the Shogun: Total War after two years. Game Medieval Total War kingdoms, as a new stage in your game world. This is an opportunity to make himself as a visionary leader and excellent tactics of an army of historical characters.

It is said that you can play Medieval: Total War download and try your hand. It's the only way, and for this you will need the presence of certain programs for downloading games on the computer. But first read the description suggested Medieval Total War games and view all kinds of Medieval: Total War screenshots and videos about the gameplay.

Play Medieval: Total War you awake from a person confident in their abilities and capabilities knight. Your main and only goal in the game is to create your own empire within certain territories - Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Only here you show your knowledge and skills in a global strategy and a step in the tactical battles that take place in real time. And then we should say that there are two modes of gameplay: single step, which involves finding the character on the map, and the development of the army and for the good of the empire or faction fights in real time in 3D format.

World Games Medieval: Total War is divided into twenty fractions, but is available only twelve. To suit the early stages of the factions are three options:

• Almohads;

• Kingdom of England;

• Byzantine Empire;

• Egypt

• Holy Roman Empire.

Almohads - have excellent cavalry and technologies of the late period.

Kingdom of England - representatives of the best archers and strong heavy infantry. But the lack of diversity cavalry.

Byzantine Empire - has a good strategic location, the best early troops and the enemy army, but does not have many types of technologies and the late period of gunpowder.

Egypt - Fatimid dynasty with decent cavalry, but a weak infantry.

Holy Roman Empire - for all possible parameters troops meet the best performance, but not in the later period.

Also, throughout the game there are new faction, for example, as the Golden Horde - the representatives of the most powerful cavalry, infantry but puny.

Medival Total War game expects you to fight for their open spaces, presented in its best quality graphics. Medieval world carries his colorful and unusual. Also, the game is interesting in that it uses and historical figures, and they have better characteristics, such as Richard the Lionheart and El Cid. And a lot of attention paid to religion in fractions that helps build loyalty of the population.

In general, we only download Medival Total War and you're ready for battle. Good luck gameplay!


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