Metro 2033

Alternative names: Metro 2033

Metro 2033 - is a computer game by Ukrainian studio 4A Games, created this game in the genre of first-person shooter in 2010 on the eponymous novel by D. Glukhovski "Metro 2033". Developers pretty creative approach to the process of processing the scene. They decided to expand the number of episodes and add alternative in isolation.

If you decide to download the game Metro 2033, then began to play it, you will learn that the action takes place after the third world nuclear war, after which all the survivors descended into the subway station which became independent city-states, which is charged with war Communists and fascists merchants. You will get acquainted with the main character Andrew simple guy living in the subway station "ENEA" and accidentally fallen into the strange circumstances. Stalker Hunter instructs him a very important mission ... We will not recount the story on to Metro 2033 game unfolded for you unpredictable.

Metro 2033 game in which a lot of characters. Besides this Artem

• Alexander "Dry" Sukhov - Artem stepfather.

• Hunter - a member of the Order "Sparta".

• Jack - one of Artem.

And Bourbon, Han, Andrew "Master", Sasha, Ullman, Paul Maxim Komarov, Miller, Daniel, Vladimir, Boris and Stepan.

If you have not yet decided whether to download Metro 2033, we advise you to ask for the Internet Video Metro 2033, seeing that you make sure that the game has beautiful graphics and PhysX-effects. In many videos you can see how wonderful lighting in the game is triggered small objects, creating an atmosphere of lived-in world.

When you start to play Metro 2033, then passing her you will inevitably encounter different types of enemies. This mutant vampires, always attacking groups, this fagot who also grouped for attack. Only the latter will be smaller and very fast. Come to the surface, you can meet the flying demons, and yet there is a very dangerous mutants - Guardians. There is another type of mutants - Librarian, very large and creates considerable damage. There Nosach that attacking you, apart from the usual physical attacks and even use special acoustic wave. And we have not listed all the mutants are only 15 species.

In monsters big troubles to expect from all kinds of thugs and members of different groups, in which Metro 2033 four gangsters, communists, fascists, and rangers. Also mentioned enemies you can meet in tunnels abnormal manifestations.

We stayed on the description of enemies and it is clear that they will need to fight. The game is available for their extermination, as equipment and weapons. Depending on what style you choose, from and will depend on the selection of costumes. They are divided into standard stormtrooper costumes (with serious armor, but in itself is very noisy, and therefore, conspicuous) and stelsovye costumes (low noise, but with weak armor).

In-Game Metro 2033 weapons present in sufficient quantity. Conventional weapons, there are 14 species: a knife, a gun, motherfucker (low-power machine handicrafts), Kalash, NE (silent powerful machine equipped with a laser sight), Doublet shotgun, air rifle Tihar, six-shot shotgun Uboynik, iglomet Helsing (shoots arrows) avtodrobovik, electric gun Rail and dynamite. To help the heroes are two more types of weapons easel, nine kinds of equipment and two types of armor.

I want to say that the game Metro 2033 - is a perfect representative of its genre, and we advise you to personally verify this. Good luck!


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