Alternative names: MicroVolts

MicroVolts online - free multiplayer dynamic game, which is a 3 D shooter with a third party. Using a variety of modes, you can enjoy spectacular battles that occur at locations realistic colorful game. You have to repeatedly engage in, perform many interesting jobs, take care of arms, pump your character, try to earn more than the in-game currency to be able to visually configure a hero in their own way. A lot of variety of things, spacious maps, a wide variety of modes and cool characters - all this you will find in MicroVolts Online, project, which was created by NQ Games in 2010 and appeared on the Internet thanks to the guys from RockHippo Productions . Join the gaming community and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

Before you can download MicroVolts, you need to create an account. Account is registered as follows:

- Filled in the required fields (Username, Password, Confirm password, Nick, E - mail , Confirmation e-mail addresses)

- Select a security question, which fits in the following line response;

- Enter code from the image;

- Put a check mark, confirming the desire to receive newsletter.

Keep in mind that the terms of service and privacy policy accepted by you, the very fact of registration, so that even confirm nothing. Create a free account and you can enjoy the gameplay in if desired configuration own computer. Although it is fair to say that the recommended system requirements completely low

- Operating system WindowsXPSP2/Vista/Windows 7;

- Processor Pentium 4 2. 0 GHz / Dual Core 2. 4GHz;

- Graphics GeForce 5600 / Radeon 9600

- 512 MB RAM;

-2 GB of free space on your hard disk.

Once all the formalities will be settled and the client is installed on the PC, you can start to play MicroVolts. First of all to choose a character. The available classes:

- Knox tough exterior, but kind soul. Jokes for him in the first place. And knows and knows how to use the laws of the street.

- Naomi - female image with the appearance of the doll. Friendly, cute, smiling, able to dance beautifully this charming person knows how to introduce enemies into confusion.

- C . H . I . P . - Humanoid with interchangeable body parts. This mechanized doll that collected from parts found in a landfill. Different impatience and eagerness in eternal battle.

- Pandora - hinge, seductive doll using devilish tricks. Rival Naomi and hater of men all his life doing with extreme anger.

Well, who are you most likable?


As already mentioned, the game can boast Mikrovolts wide selection modes. You, of course, wondering what exactly modes available to users who love virtual entertainment. Depending on the mode, players are divided into red and blue teams. But whose side you would not be, should make great efforts. You should always care about the benefits and save MicroPoints, which are awarded for killing enemies. Expanding its capabilities Suck character and work out more and more dizzying feats! Let everyone subdued level will be a joy, and daily mood - only rainbow! After MicroVolts game and created for you to forget the boredom forever!


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