Magic world

Alternative names: Magic world, Mira Magia, Magic World

Would find yourself in a lovely, small, little world full of wonder, which is steeped in magic and witchcraft, where miracles happen all the time, where it is warm and cozy and I want to stay there forever? Then a new browser game Magic World online - this is exactly what you need so. Interesting story, beautiful interface and wonderful design will not leave you indifferent. Stay a little magician, shaman, druid or a sorcerer, feel the power and strength in their hands, create miracles, only one stroke of his magic wand. Magic world online game will help you regain confidence in that miracles exist.

In order to play in the World Magic does not need a lot of computer and internet access. If you have access, meaning you can play the game online Magic World, because the game does not impose any special system requirements. Also began to play you need to register. Join in the game Magic World consists of several items. You will need:

· To include your player name,

· Email address

· Password.

Register magic world is now complete.

That's the magic of the World online registration led to the start of the game. Ahead of you will be a very interesting way. In the game you stand a farmer-mage, who grows very amazing and incredible plants, such as:

· Mushroom-cylinder

· Magic eyes,

· Snake grass,

· Amanita

· Morning dew and many others.

All you compiled the good you can sell to your neighbors or just other players, earning it. But not only the heavy farm work is waiting for you in the game. Magic World Online game you prepared a lot of surprises. Wheel of Fortune - one of them. This is where you can make gifts that will be useful to you at the farm. Also figures prominently in the game takes a social component, as you can:

· Chat with players

· To sell and buy goods

· To accept gifts from neighbors

· Present them with your unique plants.

World stashed online magic for you on the 12th level of the game quests alchemist. These are jobs that you will need to go through to get the cup. You are waiting for exams, and only after their surrender, you can move to a higher level. In addition, the village is very often held various competitions, and you can take part in them and extracted win. The game is also sacred tree, which you can find in the Heavens. Here you will be able to pass Ritual Magic conversion, as well as get acquainted with the rating on the amount of magical substances transmitted sacred tree of the world. And that's not all the surprises that are stashed for you online game World magic. You can use a variety of spells to make your world a better place. After all, your farm will need care and attention, and the only way you can turn a simple garden into a fairyland, where there is magic and miracles. Also in the game you expect a little dragon that will faithfully serve you and allow you to fly it if you honestly care for him and take care of it.

You already want to play the online game World of magic? Then do not wait and start in the World Magic playing right now, do not miss the pleasure to visit a magical land, wave a magic wand and create miracles. Help the magical world, because he needs a good and experienced farmer, kind and clever magician or sorcerer, and neighbors need an assistant, because without them you can not handle. Learn spells and overcome all the obstacles that will arise in your way. Enjoy an unrivaled world of magic and sorcery and get from a lot of positive emotions. Create your own piece of paradise and relax, because here no one will disturb you.


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