Mirror's Edge 2 Catalyst

Alternative names: Mirors Age 2 Catalyst

Mirrors Edge 2 Catalyst: Battle Parkour.

Mirrors Edge of 2008 underwent plastic surgery, and embodied in a new product. The game Mirrors Edge 2 Catalyst continues to be improved by the pen of the developer-studio DICE and the publisher Arts Electronic, in time for the announced release date 24. 05 2016, and make players happy on platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC

Mirrors Edge 2 Catalyst download is not yet possible, but you can pre-order, and become one of the first lucky ones who plunge into the sterile world of Mirrors.

Judging by the videos and official messages, the game will be the highlight of the game world. This is not just a game about parkour, but a completely new idea of ​​it. At E3 2015, from the presented trailer, not only the release date, but also the game features became known.

  • Open, seamless world with complete freedom of action
  • "Vision of the Future" highlighting objects possible for action
  • Lack of firearms from the main character, all battles are hand-to-hand
  • The presence of important and minor tasks

Immersion in the game space.

On the city of Mirrors, you will look through the eyes of the girl Faith, who delivers information directly into the hands of customers, moving in a rush to the city, doing dizzying stunts. She Running is the name of the delivery service people, and one day gets caught up in a conspiracy of the company Elysium, which conducts secret development.

Boss Faith is trying to stop the girl, but she starts to investigate her own, and now her task is not just to use the city architecture to find a new way of movement, but to escape from her pursuers who are trying to select an artifact that happened to be in her hands.

The main site for parkour rooftops, but in its fast-paced race, Faith uses every opportunity to move. It helps air ducts, cables, pipes, ledges, mesh. From the roofs, it gets inside the buildings, and it will be in the dungeons, where it is not as crystal as in the upper part of the city.

The open world, too, to some extent has its limitations. In carrying out the mission, the heroine will gradually discover new territories on the map, but in the opened areas, choose any direction.

Skoro you can download Mirrors Edge 2 Catalyst and find out that Faith is unarmed, although her pursuers are armed to the teeth. But thanks to the excellent physical training, it can not only quickly leave the danger zone, but also, if necessary, win in hand-to-hand combat, which equates it with the elite of superheroes.

Heroine develops in the course of missions, demonstrating her lively character and emotions. Mirrors Edge 2 Catalyst on the PC promises to be dynamic, fast and unique. Lay new routes and explore Faith’s abilities using mined objects to complete missions.

You will have different tasks and puzzles, and you can choose the direction of the plot. Take part in the mass sprint races in which you need to reach a given point from a certain point, showing the best result. And in the Puzzle Hacking puzzle, you need to climb on the stand itself, open it, and mark your victory, leaving your own label in place of corporate propaganda.

Summing up.

The announced opportunities inspire, even more exciting the desire to buy Mirrors Edge 2 Catalyst. The shootings, chases, missions, corporations with their mysterious developments, spying on people, the glittering city and Mircors Age 2 stunt tricks of parkour are what await players in the new version of the toy.


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