Mission Against Terror

Alternative names: Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror Online - multiplayer sci-fi action with the client free model. This stunning first-person shooter that gives a lot of thrills. Worked on the development of the project company Kingsoft. And in 2010, MAT game appeared on the Internet thanks to the publisher - the company CIB Net Station. Due to such features as a huge arsenal, different game modes, the use of unique items of equipment, Mission Against Terror play really interesting. The number of users is growing every day, and today you can become one of them. In order to become a member of adventurous activities, you just need to download the Mission Against Terror. Multifunctional game chat will bring you delight, and that you also opens access to social areas - additional plus. Welcome to the virtual world, which is never boring!

Before you start playing Mission Against Terror, would be nice to find out what happens in this fantastic world. Developments occur in the distant future. Confront each other two sides. One of them is trying to get world domination over humanity surviving and the other defends the right to freedom and wishes to restore order in the world. The team of freedom fighters infiltrated "mishandled" and has now become very difficult to distinguish between their own. And yet men tend not to go to the provocation. What is the end of the story? If you want to learn quickly to join the gaming community.

To get to the gameplay, you must first create an account and install the game client on your PC. Mission Against Terror registration does not take much time, and the download process is quite simple. No hiccups should arise. Once the first time will find yourself in an unknown world, we should define the appearance of your character. Avatar system allows you to customize the appearance of the hero the way you want. But you must not forget that for victories in battles externals enough. Care should be taken good outfit. Mission Against Terror game allows you to use different weapons. Available 18 types of primary weapons, 3 types secondary weapons, 3 types of cold weapons and 5 types of grenades. All this you will acquire in a special shop. The main thing is that the funds were available, but they have to make in the course of gameplay, performing numerous tasks. But the surprises do not end there. In MAT online can turn his enemy into an animal (eg, a pig or a turtle), using special elements. This is where you have fun to the fullest!

Can play in different modes. Choose what you like: single mode training mode Team Battle, team survival mode, survival mode single mode, conquest mode zombies. And so on until the tank battles. Try all the modes and among them there are certainly that will be the most loved. Well, go ahead! Good luck! In this war with no luck can not do!


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