Heroes of Might and Magic 7

Alternative names: Might & Magic Heroes 7, Heroes of Might and Magic 7, mmh7

Game Heroes of Might and Magic 7: create to their fate.  

After the announcement of

in August 2014, the game Heroes of Might and Magic 7, finally got 29. 09. 2015. Another series of games from the studio Limbic Entertainment returns players to the events that occurred at the turn of Parts 5 and 6, when the hours with the murder of the Empress Eve passed 10 years.

remained from the old Unreal engine 3, which is developed in 2000, and some game features. For example, the ability to recruit units returned to the restricted area, and their number depends on the city – place of their employment, without regard to the number in the kingdom. As in the fifth, via caravan can transfer substance.

Present and unique new items:

  • Now you can hire caravans for resources, and spells and abilities that are often used, can be placed in certain cells for fast access, for example, portal - entrance into the city.
  • Players can move and hide in a more convenient area resources action character minimap.

unique and the system began to increase the skills of the character. They are divided into twelve schools, as well as at the levels of:


  • eksperta
  • professionala
  • novichka  


Prichem a choice of three schools can be raised to the level of the master. At each stage of the game open 3 skills, and the player is allocated one point, which can be spent to gain access to the next school level or for a skill.

As to the release of toys was 10 days, the publisher Ubisoft offered gamers Heroes of Might and Magic 7 download at a discount of 15 %, and many were quick to seize the opportunity, although the activation keys became available only on the day of the official release.



On the trail of a hero.  

Vy again find yourself in a fantasy world to help Duke Ivan Gryphon make a choice between the government and the war. To solve the problem, it convenes representatives from different factions Shadow Council. Ivan will visit two companies and meet with counselors, listening to legends about the heroes of their people. Only in this way will be able to draw conclusions, Ivan, and take on their basis the fateful decision.

Time to download Heroes of Might and Magic 7, and explore the known series of the same faction:

Fraktsii include three magical class and three normal.

  • Lesnoy soyuz
  • Akademiya Volshebstva
  • Alyans Sveta
  • Liga Teney
  • Nepokornye plemena
  • Nekropolis
There are also:

  • 3 elity
  • Basically there are
  • 3
  • 2 creatures chempiony 

Poskolku not be in a castle to build houses for all beings champions, will have to choose who is more preferable. The same applies to buildings that can increase the amount of certain creatures.

for combat, you can select the fastest option where there is no need to study the capture card or strategic objects and forces converge quickly to compete. If you want more spectacular events, select the script and the map to view the developments. Also during the Heroes of Might and Magic 7 on your PC, you can challenge players on the web.



System Requirements.  

Developer offers Heroes of Might and Magic 7 buy, choosing from three available versions of the kits:

  • Standartnyy
  • Delyuks
  • Kollektsionnaya

Chto concerns requirements for the computer, Limbic Entertainment recommends for Might and Magic Heroes 7 the following options.


  • OS: 64 bit; Windows 10/7 SP1 / 8/8. 1
  • Mesto 4 GB
  • Videokarta: NVidia GeForce GTX460 and AMD Radeon HD5850 (1024 MB VRAM)
  • Protsessor: Intel Core i5 660 3. 3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3. 2 GHz

Recommended for MMH7:

  • OS: 64bit; Windows 10/7 SP1 / 8/8. 1
  • Place: 6 GB
  • Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 670 and AMD Radeon HD7870 (2048 MB VRAM)
  • Protsessor: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3. 1 GHz or AMD FX- 6100 @ 3. 3 GNz

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