Alternative names: Marine Field

NavyField online - this is a massively multiplayer online game. Playing it you will get during the Second World War, where you will need to fight the enemy fleets.

You need to choose a fleet command which country - the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy or the USSR.

NavyField you can download on the official website of the game for free.

NavyField registration does not take much of your time, you will need:

1. visit the official website of the game;

2. Create your account;

3. enter your login invented;

4. enter password coined;

5. enter your email address.

Then you can start the game, for this on the home page, enter your user name (ID) and password (password).

At the beginning of the game you are given the opportunity to choose one of the game modes, this will depend on the choice of the ship and the fight itself. You will be able to fight as a frigate and a submarine. Fight may occur at different times of day. And also you have the opportunity to choose to capture an enemy port, where you will need to decide to protect your port or port to attack enemies. Regardless of the mode selection points for the fight counted as each player individually, and each team as a whole. The winner is the team that did the most damage to the enemy or completely smashed his fleet.

NavyField you can play as yourself or together with your friends, you can create your own guild and attack opponents.

To defeat your enemies you need to have not only a good fleet, but also know the basic components of his heart.

• engine;

• FCS;

• armor;

• weapons;

• ammunition;

• torpedo;

• aircraft for the Navy.

Engine - there are many varieties in the Navy, but the selection of the engine depends on your style of play, always you have to replace the engine on your boat.

FCS - Second, an important component of your boat thanks to FCS you can use the weapons on the ship, each species has its own FCS features and characteristics and is suitable for different classes of ships.

Armor - need to prevent attacks on the body of your ship, the armor can provide security as the deck, and the ship in general.

Weapon - an important part of any vehicle without weapons you could not participate in the fighting b, there are three types of weapons: normal (gun), long distance weapon for combat aircraft.

Ammunition - mostly shells on the gun, they come in four types, depending on the type of merchant ships.

Torpedo tubes - you can equip your ship sea mine, torpedo different settings.

Aircraft - Four types of aircraft for the Navy, they are designed for different purposes, or distract an opponent bomb his fleet, but we must not forget that the amount of fuel they are not limitless.

NavyField online is full of a variety of cards, which will vary depending on who you are fighting.

Game NavyField immerse you in the world of real battles of World War II and you'll be able to change the course of history.


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