Navy Field

Alternative names: Marine Field

Navy Field online is a massively multiplayer online game. Playing it you will get to the times of World War II, where you will have to fight with enemy fleets.

you will need to choose the fleet, which country to command the US, Germany, Japan, France, Italy or the USSR.

NavyField download you can on the official website of the game completely free.

NavyField registration does not take you much time, you will need:

  1. in the official website of the game;
  2. create an account;
  3. enter the invented login;
  4. enter your password;
  5. set your e-mail address.

Next you can start the game, for this on the main page of the site enter your login (ID) and password (password).

At the beginning of the game you have the opportunity to choose one of the proposed game modes, this will determine the choice of the ship and the battle itself. You can fight both on a frigate and on a submarine. The battle can occur at different times of the day. And you also have the option to select the mode of capturing the enemy port, where you will need to decide to guard your port or attack the port of enemies. Regardless of the choice of the mode, points for the fight are awarded to each player separately, and to each team as a whole. The team that wreaks the greatest damage to the enemy or completely defeats his fleet wins.

Navy Field you can play with yourself and with friends, you can create your own guilds and attack your opponents.

To defeat your enemies, you will need to have not only a good fleet, but also know its main components by heart.


  • engine;
  • FCS;
  • throttle
  • guard;
  • munitions;
  • torpedo tubes;
  • aircraft for the fleet.


There are many varieties in the fleet, but the choice of engine depends on your style of play, always you have the opportunity to replace the engine on your ship.

FCS is the second, important component of your vessel, thanks to the FCS you can use weapons on the ship, each of the FCS types has its own characteristics and characteristics and is suitable for different classes of ships. Armor is needed to prevent attacks on the hull of your ship, armor can provide security, both to the deck and to the ship as a whole. Weapons are an important part of any ship, without weapons you could not participate in battles, there are three types of weapons: normal (guns), for long distances, weapons for combat aircraft. Ammunition is mainly projectiles on cannon, they come in four types, depending on the type of cartel. Aircraft have four types of aircraft for the fleet, they are designed for various purposes, distract the opponent or bomb his fleet, but you must not forget that the fuel stock they have is not unlimited.

Navy Field online is full of various cards that will vary depending on who you are fighting with.

Game Navy Field will dip you into the world of real battles of the Second World War and you yourself can change the course of history.


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