Never Lands

Alternative names: Never Lands

Never Lands online - fascinating fantastic game that will impress fans of interesting adventures. Never Lands online game is a collection of the most interesting genres, such as, for example, strategy, and many other quests. Play the game online Never Lands will be interesting to everyone - both children and growns. With a head immersed in the fascinating gameplay, you can personally influence the outcome of events in the whole world. It will be a great break from the monotony of everyday life!

Never Lands Online game does not require any large computer requirements. All you need to play is the operating system Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, the most common sound card, keyboard, mouse, web browser and an Internet connection. To play Never Lands need to create your profile in the game, ie it is necessary that registration has been performed Never Lands character, whom will want to play. To do this in a special form on the site to enter the name of the character for which you want to play, choose a password and send e-mail, so it went to a request for confirmation of registration. Never Lands proper registration is not different from the procedure in such games is simple and understandable. Join in the game Never Lands ends here, then you can proceed directly to the game.

Never Lands online game was created in 2004, so it is one of the first well-known and quite popular massively multiplayer online role playing games. But since the game has changed a lot since progress is not in place, developers are constantly supplemented it with new and interesting details "goodies." Development of the game is constantly both in technical terms and in terms of the ever increasing number of players. Through this play the game online Never Lands will be very interesting and exciting. The game is free, so that more people are starting to play it! If a player is willing to invest real money in the game - so he will have the opportunity. Naturally, from the beginning of the game the user is difficult to earn experience and fight. That development was faster and easier, you can just put the game in some bag of money.

Each character in the game has various features such as:
• Health
• Dexterity
• power
• luck
• knowledge, and many others.

Also, each player has 33 different skills and abilities 38. Developing parameters and characteristics, which can be considered the most important, you can create a unique character. These characteristics must be selected under the individual style of play. Thus, Never Lands play for each user a unique character, he personally has created. Earn experience points in the game, you can participating in various battles. In this case, as soon as a character reaches a new level, it will open up new possibilities, such as improved personal characteristics, new weapons, new clothes and stuff. The game was not without "magic doping", the user gets all sorts of elixirs, potions, scrolls, which greatly simplify the process of the game. All of them are increased or other characteristics of the character, but unlike the skills that have been earned by experience, do so only for a short period of time. Consequently, they must be used only in situations really necessary and wisely to maximize the temporary advantage.

Money in the game are called unbelievers. All that I want to buy or sell, be exchanged on them. It could be anything, such as clothing, weapons, various other products. Using your real money game, you can buy unique artifacts, which are much stronger than the standard.
Can earn experience in using a particular profession. Choosing a class and its working, you can not only earn experience, but also of non-belief.

The game has, such profession:
• trader
• Dr.
• alchemist and many others.

The game can also be combined into clans and families. It is possible to create your own clan or join an existing one.

The player will be given the option to join forces which:
• Light
• Chaos
• Darkness [_7_ ] • dusk

Naturally, every force has unique abilities and skills that are different from the rest.


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