New Era

Alternative names: New Era

New Era Online - a free online role-playing game with the magical world and the complete freedom of action. You begin your game in town, which is inhabited by various characters and animals, choose character you like and start your journey.

In-Game New Era registration is very simple and will not take you much time to do this, you will need:

1. Visit the official website of the game.

2. Click "registration".

3. Enter your e-mail.

4. Enter password coined.

5. Repeat entering the password again.

6. Click "Play."

New Era game includes six major races:

• dwarf;

• people;

• elf;

• vampire;

• ork;

• troll.

Gnome - the inhabitants of the mountain valleys, their job is processing various stones when they arise is not known to anyone, but they are distant relatives of people in combat, they are harsh and strong, they know a large number of spells, much less growth of people, but as the power can be compared with other races.

Man - have average quality, good people learning, they spend less on spells of magical energy than other races.

Elf - forest dwellers, are one of the most attractive races, most elves are mages, they are mainly associated with the magic of the Dawn of weapons prefer - bow, wand, staff.

Vampire - the most ancient race, race does not love humanity can change its appearance to deceive enemies, they do not appear in the mirror, do not have the shade and go very quiet. In battle, can recover his strength, are a burden to the dark forces.

Orc - this race can be distinguished by the green color of the skin and the terrible sight, they are excellent fighters, causing destructive blows, do not cooperate with other races.

Troll - terrible race, do not tolerate outsiders on their land, strong in battle and have a stock of vitality significantly greater than that of other races have huge claws and massive body.

Play the game online New Era as you can for yourself and friends.

New Era online has six different classes:

• Ranger

• Barbarian

• Master Shield

• Juggernaut

• Priest

• Mag

Ranger - mostly hunters, their weapons Cathars, they are perfectly archery.

Barbarian - in combat, they are very cruel, they like to fight in the first flanks prefers axes and stakes.

Master Shield - they pay the opponent's attack, against him, they have a good reaction, good physique, they are protected by a shield.

Juggernaut - great warriors, go to the armor in combat use different swords.

Priest - warriors who can act as healers in combat support their allies, fighting using blunt weapon.

Mage - the main force of this magic, know many languages ​​and exercises used in battle staff m rod.

In New Era, you can play on any PC that connects to the Internet.

Just like other games, New Era has a chat room and forum, where you can not only communicate and find answers to your questions, but also to make new friends.

Become one of the heroes of the fairy world and grab all the territories of the New Era in their possession.


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