No Man's Sky

Alternative names: No Man's Sky

play No Man's Sky mastering space.

In the space theme created many gaming products, but the idea continues to excite not only the players but also the developers themselves. Unexplored space gives the imagination, so that surprises are inevitable authors, and gamers will be happy to accept new ideas. In June 2016 scheduled release of a new project that is working studio Hello Games. Game No Man's Sky will become a huge sandbox, on which you can travel endlessly, studying the unseen planet with unique flora and fauna.

Space Simulator provides single-user and multiplayer game modes, and will & nbsp; at the same time for PC & nbsp; and PS4.

An interesting fact is the beginning of work on the Toy & ndash; It originated in the circle of the four people behind closed doors. During the year, no one in the company had no idea that in a small room boils creative process, and already have a unique engine and its own game environment. Now the group has grown to 13 people.

In 2014, the project was presented at E3, and was nominated for three awards and won in the spirit of"Best Original Game"and"Best game from independent developers." True fans of the genre dream of No Man's Sky download on the recognition of its critics only fuels the interest in the new product.

investigate galaxy.

planets within the game so much, and are generated each time new that the travel you are unlikely to be released. Since the objective of the authors was to allow players to write their own history, certain scenarios that have to follow, there is not. Moving between galaxies, find new planets, and explore them. It will be possible to find a new kind of animal or plant? & ndash; scan, and they appear in a common database. You may come up with their names and sign your name to perpetuate it in huge gaming library. If you dreamed of glory discoverer, here it is.

The atlas will be written discovery and other players, and you'll see there are many discoveries made ​​by someone else before you. Landing on new territory, it is possible to detect the ruined temples of the lost civilization, the unusual, mysterious technology and destroyed ships. Some artifacts will be helpful & ndash; enhance the quality of your suit or ship.

Exploring the planet, we must remember that being away from light will be cold in the immediate vicinity & ndash; desert and hot, and only those that are located at an optimum distance can be viable. According to the developers, only 10% of all the celestial bodies potentially inhabited by living beings and have vegetation.

You will need a reliable suit in order to protect themselves from a hostile environment & ndash; radiation, acid, a poisonous fog. Explore the world at different times of the day, as some inmates appear only in the afternoon, and be wary of mutants and predators.

A little more, and you can download the No Man's Sky. After the official release, it will be constantly updated, and there will be new opportunities, technology and space. While everyone is only one ship of No Man's Sky on a PC, but with the ability to improve it, adapting to different functions: trade, battles, exploration.

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo & nbsp; GHz.



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