Alternative names: Onema

Onema online - free multiplayer browser-based strategy game space subjects. You will find yourself in an immense fantasy world, which will create its own military and economic system. You will be hosting on his planet and conquer new galaxy, competing or cooperating with other players. It is possible to make arrangements with neighboring emperors, but you can attack those who are near. You will be able to choose a course of conduct, and depending on the situation, make certain decisions. Started playing Onema, have to constantly be on guard, because enemies are not asleep, and at any moment you may be attacked. Beware of the invasion of your planet space pirates, who are famous for gluttony and cruelty. How difficult would not have to, do not lose faith in yourself. Over time, a small area in an abandoned place in the galaxy will become a vast empire, and you, as her owner, can be proud of their achievements!

Game Speechless owing to the low system requirements available to everyone. The gameplay is not inhibited, the PC must match the sneaker parameters:

- Operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7;

- Processor Intel Pentium, AMD (2. 2 GHz);

- RAM 512 Mb;

- Graphics card 128 Mb;

- Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.

To get an empty planet, you must create a new emperor. This precedes Onema registration. You need to fill in the following fields desired shape: the universe, login, password and e-mail. Keep in mind that logging in, you agree to confirm acceptance by the User Agreement. After pressing the button, the cherished "Begin to play! "You find yourself in the abyss of space, and you have to learn and conquer.

First he found himself in the vast possessions of their own, you are not confused, because next is charming assistant. Mysterious wanderer open secrets of how to get rich, as a handful of resources (which will give it the same) to turn into a whole pile of valuable material. Remember, the right start - future success! After training missions for beginners, the fun begins! Choose vending side of the three proposed and go for it!

On the planet you find good stocks a variety of resources. This Deuterium and Energy and Dark Matter. The main resources are the same metal and crystal. These materials are indispensable for creating all sorts of facilities, fleet, and even planetary defense. For their production should build mine. Also mine will deepen. Thus, to increase the number of harvested resources. Consider the fact that for the operation of mines need energy. Your task - to make sure that does not deplete its supply. Incidentally, this solar power plant must be built first.

Also during gameplay you will conduct research, create powerful technology, and, if necessary, to trade commodities. The steeper the technology you create, the more able to colonize planets, and thus broadening its ownership.

In mines with time you will start to build objects for military purposes, such as robotics factory, shipyard, Factory nanites. Over time, these buildings will appear as a fusion power plant, Technopolis, different shelters and storage Terrarformer, missile silos and even up to the Lunar structures, namely, Moon Base, Touch phalanx and Teleport. The presence of all this indicates that the planet is developing well, and you are standing firmly on his feet in this world. It should say that after graduating from construction, you are unlikely to be able to relax. After all, the structure needs to be developed, may increase their level, and hence effectiveness.

Do not think that you will play Onema only then making that swarmed on his planet. Not at all! Farm economy, but should stretch their forces to participate in grand battles. To do this you must have a powerful fleet (group of ships, which is entrusted to an assignment). By the way, the longer will be the gameplay, so your chances will be respectable. Generally you will build a navy shipyard on the menu, and every level of computer technology adds another free slot fleet.

Naturally, you are interested in, which allows the use of transport game Onema. Special type of technology are missiles (interceptors interplanetary rocket), which does not take care of our own peril.

Browser Game Onema give you a lot of fun. You will experience the exciting moments during the hot battles, will be proud of how to develop and prosper own planet, shine mind while creating the coolest technology and just enjoy socializing with interesting people. We wish you success in all your endeavors!




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