One Piece 2 Pirate King

Alternative names: Van Peas 2

One Piece Online 2 Pirate King Pirate Adventure

Fans of anime directions certainly know a lot about the plot of the Japanese series One Piece. The glory of this pirate saga about the impudent fellow Luffy, who decided to challenge the pirates, has long gone beyond Japan. That's why, following the eponymous series, a browser-based computer game was released that allows every player to take part in the journey of Luffy and his team.

After the first part of the project, the developers, to the delight of the fans of the series, released the next version, it was the game One Piece Online 2. This option can cause a lot of controversy about the deviations from the original story, but no one can call this novelty not unique. In this case, the creators of the game did not use the familiar history of pirates, which has lasted for 15 years. A fundamentally different approach was chosen. For the game, the wording of the magic fiction was chosen, which allowed to radically change the whole concept.

Defense of the Pirate Worlds

In the creation of this online game developers took into account the wishes of the fans, so the voice acting here was carried out by the same actors as in the previous part. In this version of the game, of course, there is some fiction, and even a disregard for the original storyline. But it was on this basis that the developers allowed themselves to create alliances between Luffy and Admiral Borsallino, or villain Enel.

Now in One Piece 2 you can play with significant adjustments of what is happening, which provides a more exciting story for the player, of course, such adjustments in the game are huge. The player now has the opportunity during the game to turn people into zombies, and the team of Luffy, Zorro and Sanji make the main enemy of the whole pirate world.

Benefits of online games:

  • Suzhet - this is not the main characteristic of this game. One Piece Online 2 will appeal to those players who are attracted to the opportunity to battle a lot of virtual villains;
  • The ease of the gameplay. Even a novice in this anime direction will be able to quickly figure out what is happening on the screen. Each level here is a giant map with rooms, corridors, etc. D. The player must capture enemy gaming points, maneuvering between hostile armies;
  • High-quality graphics with cel-shading technology. It was not in vain chosen by the developers of the game, because it creates a feeling of viewing the series;
  • Ability to use the tip throughout the game. Even the most dedicated fan of this anime story can get confused in the details of the game. Therefore, for these purposes, a special store was established in the game, where you can buy questionnaires, videos and biographies of participants.

iPlayer One Piece 2 Online is, above all, a game for fans. There are a lot of nuances and features that are familiar only to those who are a devoted fan of the Japanese TV series and the first version of the browser game based on its motives.

The fact that the plot of the series and the original game here is a little forgetful does not bother the fans of this game, they start playing in One Piece Online 2 and they are captured by a new world of incredible adventures. The plot does not come to the fore in the formulation of developers, the main thing here is special effects, bright graphics, dynamic plot development.

In order to play in Van Peas 2 registration on the site is necessary. After that, the user will be able to return again and again to favorite moments of the game and pass the most exciting levels, build their strategy, conduct battles and choose the best for themselves anime character.


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