One Piece Online

Alternative names: one piece

One Piece Online Game about Unusual Pirates

Studiya JoyGames is a developer of a browser-based multiplayer product, based on the most popular nowadays areas: pirates, anime, fantasy, adventure. Which of the children will not bite on such a tasty bait? The One Piece Online game has already attracted many players and continues to gain popularity.

V, its basis lies in the history of the manga, in which events revolve around the Straw Hat Pirates. The leader of the team - Luffy, who dreams of becoming the king of pirates. To do this, he needs to find ancient treasures that once belonged to the most terrible robber Golda Roger. Luffy has an unusual property to stretch, but it is not an innate gift, but acquired in childhood, when he accidentally swallowed the devilish fruit of Rubber-Rubber.

Not peace, but Van Pease tale!

Everything happens in a fantasy fantasy world, inhabited in addition to people by unusual creatures: giants, mermaids, sea creatures, mollusks with unique abilities. If some mechanisms are quite recognizable, then you will not immediately guess about the purpose of others.

Tut live snail pushes that look like ordinary slugs, but if they connect to the power grid, they get the ability to fax, camera, phone and other similar devices. And if you look at the island of Skype, you can see another miracle of nature - animals, whose shells are able to remember and save different sounds, image, wind, bounce. For such a talent, these animals are used as a supplement to the mechanisms when they need to be included.

Having appeared in a similar fantastic place, it would be desirable to start more likely in travel, having begun One Piece Online to play. And since the product is browser-based, you will meet other pirates players.

Piracy spirit, do not disappoint!

If you are here, you are affected by an epidemic of maritime romance, and One Piece Online registration is needed in order to become part of an entertaining and fun toy. You are waited by all set of classical opportunities of the direction:

  • Turn-based battles
  • Class system
  • Union with players
  • Location Study
  • Adventure
  • Interesting quests

It is necessary to create and pump the hero, to participate in the social life of the gaming space, gradually open access to new opportunities and attract new characters to your group. You can replenish the team after level 15, and it resembles a small own guild.

Pay attention to battle tactics. As enemies become more and more impudent and stronger, your abilities also need pumping. Together, you will achieve great heights in different quests, and you will be able to withstand any opponent.

As for the character classes, there are only three of them, but which ones!

  • Mechnik - everything is simple. He is waving his sword, and therefore his destiny is close combat.
  • Sniper - takes on the enemy flamethrower sight at the approaches to your border. Dangerous and cool.
  • Devoured devil fruit. What to say... This hero is very flexible. His abilities will come in handy on the battlefield.

If you look at iPlayer One Piece Online as a whole, you get a very colorful picture. See for yourself: bright colors; funny characters; sometimes light, and sometimes sparkling humor; special effects parade; many opportunities for self-realization. We also take into account the anime style and the pirate idea taken from the manga.

It's time to go on adventures, conquering bottomless oceans, exploring the islands, battling with rival pirates and bizarre monsters. All for the sake of one goal - to find the treasured treasure and proclaim himself the king of pirates.


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