Alternative names: OverKings

Online game Overkings - pretty young browser-based multiplayer RPG. If you are tired of toys "zipped" on the rules and conventions of welcome to the fantastic medieval world Overkings online - a world where your hero will be given full freedom of action and to him for that, "nothing will."

Start, naturally, creating a personal account. Please note that online registration Overkings immediately prompts you to select your character class. A total of eight classes - Amazonaka, Witch, Wizard, Barbarian, Dryad, Enchantress, Guardian and Assassin. Also you immediately give a name to your character. In addition, enter your login (email address) and password, and accept the rules and user agreement. At this registration Overkings completed.

Make sure that the registration was successful Overkings game and go for the crown of the Almighty! Our character has almost created and now you can select him profession to meet its specifications. Heroes rather arbitrarily divided into positive and negative characters, because as we said earlier, everyone can play Overkings by their rules. Under this "democracy" means that you do not ask permission, so to attack the enemy, and even more so to rob him. Leveling a character depends on your desires - want to fight, go to places where battles, want to be rich, engaged in trade and economy and want adventure, join clans and travelers hit the road along the unexplored trails yet this mysterious world.

Overkings online game in which players compete against the environment (with a variety of monsters and bosses) and opposing players (natural battle). Also quests in these game modes, you can also participate in the capture of locks and get combat experience to fight for resources and sources to enrich themselves at the expense of the losers. If you want to go more peacefully - build castles, engaged in mining resources, develop their skills warrior tactics and enjoy the beauty around you. If you get rich enough, you can afford any artifacts and armor, what is here in abundance, and which will greatly help you play Overkings undergoing the least damage.

Overkings online game consists of five regions (locations):

- Bervil, peaceful village surrounded by forests in the river valley Gvirdol;

- Conchobar, pearl city of his kingdom;

- Anomikon, city ruins, where there is chaos, disease and madness;

- Veron, once Hello kingdom, and now - a place for hunting werewolves;

- Norliht - kingdom lady snow - Queen Hel.

Each region has a history of glory and downs in every living being different werewolves, zombies, people giants. All these legends and incredibly addictive game play Overkings online with each new quest becomes more exciting.

Among other things, you will find great natural landscapes in quality graphics performance, as well as communication with people close to you with the same interests. After playing the game online Overkings not necessarily the same, there is always the opportunity to join the clan and his supporters to march with them to the main goal - the crown of the Almighty.


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