Alternative names: Overwatch
Overwatch: The battle for the future.

November 2014 At the BlizzCon festival by Blizzard Entertainment developer and publisher, the game Overwatch, encapsulated within the genre of the shooter from the lead character, was presented.

С beginning of 2015 Until December, closed beta tests were conducted to identify errors and get feedback from players about the mechanics of the gameplay and balancing. There are no more beta tests this year, but until the game is released no later than 21. 06. 216 they will resume.

It is now known that the Overwatch download will be available for the platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • PS4

The trail of heroes.

It seems that the developers decided that walking, so walk! The choice of heroes has already grown to the 21st character, and certainly this is not the limit. And all look so different that you will not mistake, and each one's talents are unique, in order to use them more effectively in the upcoming battles.

Players fall into a world where the war has erupted and the events are in full swing. Overwatch is a special unit of heroes from different countries, created specifically to defeat injustice, to help the oppressed, and restore peace on the planet.

Organization has perfectly fulfilled its function, and on the earth really reigned order. Ten subsequent years were spent on research, scientific inventions, unique discoveries. When the unit was no longer needed, it was dissolved, but something went wrong again, and it became clear that the world was not ready to part with the heroes.

Overwatch is again in demand, and there are openings for players ready to choose their role. You can become a robot monk from Shambhala, armed with a hammer and armored warrior, time traveler, a purposeful security chief from the Egyptian base of Giza, a graceful Hindu architect, and choose from many other roles. About each character is available the main information: age, name, occupation, operational base and membership of the corporation, but the full potential and style of action will be revealed only during the game.

Effective use of the characters will certainly bring victory. They can be used in four directions:

  • Protection - protects the occupied territories by the allies, prevents the enemy from penetrating the front line;
  • Sturm - without this hero can not do with the capture of points protected by the enemy;
  • Support - heal wounds, several times multiply the forces of the Allies;
  • Tank - the first sent to the attack, causing damage and confusion in the ranks of enemies. He is hardy and almost invincible, protected by solid armor.

Before the heroes are put a variety of goals and tasks, the implementation of which will be successful if you study the talents of the soldiers and choose those who better cope with the transportation through Kings Row equipment with EMR, the protection of the Anubis temple, and in the performance of other missions.

You will be able to play in"escort"or"capture points"modes. Each has its own maps of the area and interesting tasks. By the way, new maps along with characters and other additions will be available free of charge to those gamers who pre-take care to buy and download Overwatch after the release.

Switching in the mode of"escorting"Overwatch on the PC, the first team delivers the load, the other tries to disrupt the mission. In the"capture points"to take under its own control specific areas of the map Overwatch.

System requirements


  • OP: 768 MB of video memory and system memory in 4 GB
  • OC: 64bit / Win Vista / 7/10/8
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 4850 or Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 865
  • Place on the drive: 5 GB

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