Papers, Please

Alternative names: Papers, Please
Papers, Please play ("Documents, please") was created by the developer Lucas Pope. This game is a simulator of border guards passport control. The game contains elements of quest and RPG. Papers, Please pc was released on August 8, 2013 for Windows and Mac OS X, and since February 12, 2014 there is a version for Linux. Peppers Pliz game in such a short time received critical acclaim and approval from numerous players. Incidentally developer igryPapers, Please get this game for the prestigious award in the field of computer games. Reading Papers, Please review you can get acquainted with the game and feel interesting idea. Game Papers, please, this is a simulator, which implies all. The game takes place in 1982, in the fictional country of the communist regime called Arstottski. Arstottska opens its borders to foreign visitors, and the decision must be made whether or not to admit a foreigner. You play as a border guard Customs. In the morning you reconsider newspaper with news, worked all day and in the evening get paid. Salaries charged for each person catered. To decide to skip a person or not, you need to check the documents, verify photos with the originals, check the validity of the passport stamped print (visa green, red failure). But over time, the rules are complicated skip foreigners, Ministry introduces new protocols for control. Foreigners must show in addition to the passport entry permit if the visa labor, the work permit. Every day (and their story mode game 31) you will have more and more responsibilities. It seals and check for counterfeit comparison photos of visitors with photos international criminals who are wanted, run the scanner to determine the sex, fingerprinting and more. If everything is fine with the documents, you can skip a foreigner in camp. But sometimes you will come across people who want to cross the border illegally, and about a third of these. Your task is to find errors and inconsistencies in the documents. In case of forgery, or you can detect contraband detained migrants. By the way you can come across members of diplomatic consulates, which are covered by other regulations permit. Sometimes you will be fed to bribe or beg in'll miss under the pretext of love. If you ever made a mistake in granting visa, will be punished with a fine. As you know, the main focus of the game sent to work, but apart from the work you have a family that needs to be fed. Sometimes family members are sick, that carries additional costs. So, receiving wages, need to pay the rent, heating, buy food, medicines, buying birthday presents to family members and others. If money is not enough, your family members suffer from hunger, cold and fall ill. In the Papers, Please play it will be very interesting as the story itself is very unexpected games, it reflects on your work, on family, on the news in the press, on the people who are trying to get into the camp. In addition to a wonderful story in this game good graphics, soundtrack, the interface and the original idea. To understand what this game, you can see the Papers, Please video. If you are intrigued by this original idea, hurry Papers, Please download and remember, first you need to take your passport!

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